5 Signs You Need To Take a Mental Break

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Being an entrepreneur and a mom, means my days are full. I have deadlines to meet, errands to run, groceries to buy, and toddlers to entertain. In my line of work, everything moves so fast and there is constant pressure to be putting out new and engaging content every day.

If you are a go-getter like me, I’m guessing you also have a ton of responsibilities.  No one can blame you for that. In order to get ahead these days, you have to put in the time and hard work. You drink your quad shot iced latte and you are in the office on the weekends.  When you feel like you are running on fumes but still have so much to do, the last thing you should do is take time for yourself… Obviously, you need to make sure you are meeting your deadlines and not neglecting your responsibilities. But if you push yourself too hard there could be unfortunate consequences.

You guys/girls, I had to learn this lesson the hard way. I refused to slow down. I kept adding more responsibilities, sleeping less, stressing more, and surviving on coffee. Because I refused to slow down, my body and mind made me! Trust me when I say you don’t want this to happen to you. Heed my warning and become familiar with these 5 signs that you need to take a mental break.

You Are Sick All The Time

Okay, I don’t know how I didn’t realize I needed a break with how sick I had been. I was sick on and off from November to March. I had migraines, sinus infections, and a cough that actually lasted 3 MONTHS!

Reoccurring colds are a signal that you need to take a break. Stress takes a toll on your body making it more likely that you will become sick. Not resting once you are sick means you are going to be sick longer. So if you are sick all of the time, you probably need to see a doctor followed by taking a mental break.

You Are Exhausted But Can’t Sleep

I know what it is like to go to bed thinking you are going to get a full night’s sleep to then toss and turn for hours. Or maybe you replay all of the mistakes you made or you worry about the future’s problems before they even arrive. I know that I am guilty of all of them.

With endless thoughts racing through your head, it is no surprise that you are not getting your much-needed sleep. Check out this post on 7 easy hacks to get a better night’s sleep then clear your schedule for a break.

You Can’t Think Straight

As a mom that works from home, I don’t have a ton of time. That means anytime the kids are asleep or otherwise entertained, I need to be working. Imagine how frustrating it is to get your laptop out to work on a business pitch and then nothing comes out. I was sitting there trying to refocus and then I forgot what I was even trying to think about.

If you are putting in all of the extra hours and coming in on Saturday so you can get a promotion, you need to be productive. Sitting at your laptop zoning out isn’t going to get you the corner office. So take a tiny mental break and then take a look at your schedule. Find a way to kill it at work and take care of yourself.

Your Social Life Is Non Existent

I moved to a state and town where I don’t know anybody except for my husband’s family. So I already don’t have much of a social life. Even when I did have the opportunity to get out of the house for a family get together, I brought my phone and computer with me so I could work! How sad is that?

When you find you are pulling away from your social circle on purpose or even accidentally, you are going to feel even more isolated and alone. That just isn’t good for anybody. If the only person you are talking to is Alexa, you probably need to take a break.

You Are On An Emotional Rollercoaster

Through this screen, it is probably hard to tell that I am a super emotional person. It always seems like I feel things 100X more intensely than those around me. When things are great, it makes things feel really fun and exciting. But when things are bad, they feel really bad. When I am sick and tired and working nonstop, bad feelings can start to outweigh the good. That, my friends, is a clear sign that I needed to take a mental break.

Please don’t let yourself get to where you are snapping at your friends. Even worse, heaven forbid you say something embarrassing to your boss. Once you say something without thinking, you can never take those words back. If you find that you are not in control of your emotions, please take time for a break.

Own Your Mental Break Day

Whatever you decide to do on your day, you need to own it. Take the time off to really take care of yourself. Doing anything else isn’t going to make things any better. So pick up some store-bought cookies for your kid to bring to the bake sale and tell the husband he is in charge of dinner. Turn off the phone, Instagram will be there tomorrow. So will your emails. They are mostly junk anyway.

If you find that taking some time for yourself doesn’t help, it might be time to seek professional help from a doctor or therapist.

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  1. 7.23.18

    getting sick is always my wake-up call! thankfully, I’m never as sick as I was years ago before children, but while in a terribly abusive relationship – and STRESS is such a root factor! Now if I d find myself sick with a cold that wont go away, it’s because i know i really just need rest

  2. 7.23.18
    Laura said:

    mmmm this sounds a little too much like me!! And I have just come back from a holiday but I suppose that isn’t a mental break, especially travelling with 4 kids!

  3. 7.23.18
    Kim said:

    I get the exhausted but can’t sleep thing. My mind just keeps thinking of all my to-dos! That’s when I know it is time to step back and take a break.

  4. 7.29.18
    Amanda said:

    I am trying to do much better with this! I am horrible with feeling like I always should be doing something, and so exhausted that I can’t sleep! I feel like a mental break is in my future!