5 Ways To Reduce Stress

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I have been way STRESSED OUT this month. Actually I have been in a perpetual state of stress for a while now. The worst part is that I know better. I have been down this road before. I also know how to avoid and reduce stress. Yes, I know, what you are thinking. I’ve done all of the things that lead to stress thinking I was, somehow, magically immune to being stressed. So now that leads me to sharing with you, my methods of reducing stress.

***I do want to note that I am referring to stress not trauma or large life problems. I wish I had the answer to dealing with big life challenges like death, divorce, and childhood trauma. If those are examples of things you are dealing with, I can only hope and pray you find the help and guidance you need.***

It is really better, though not necessarily easier, to avoid becoming stressed rather than having to reduce stress.

Top Stress Causes

Taking on too much: This is the one I am the most guilty of right now. I am a mother of two toddler, a blogger, and I run business. Oh and I am trying to launch my consulting service within the next month. I took on way too much. This is so easy to do between soccer, school, church,  grocery shopping, volunteer work,  and the list goes on.

The solution: Learn to say no.

Procrastination: Sometimes when we take on too much we get overwhelmed. Sometimes this leads to paralysis. Unfortunately this doesn’t help with getting things done. Other times, we procrastinate because our work load is light. We think we have all the time in the world but then in a blink of an eye you draft of your work project is due. And you have NOT started.

The solution: Make a plan and stick to it.

Money: So money money money. This is a huge stressor for me as the person that takes care of the household finances and as a business owner/entrepreneur. For me recently, I took on way too much work and didn’t say no, because I needed the money. Ugh. I hate that. I’m betting a lot of you might be in the same situation. Of course they do say, “More money, more problems.” I’ve always gone by the saying, “More money, different problems.” If having too much money is your problem, I don’t have any experience with that.

The solution: Budget better and spend less. (I hate saying that but it is true. Now I know that there are people that live in situations where there just isn’t enough money. I grew up devastatingly poor so I can relate. Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for that type of stress. I certainly wish I did.)

Reducing Stress

Exercise: The number one stress reducer is exercise. I pretty much hate exercise. The thought is stressful because I am so out of shape right now. That being said, I feel 100X better after working out. Don’t just take my word on it. There is actual science that backs this claim. Regular exercise reduces stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins. Plus exercise helps you sleep better and increases your self confidence!

Eat better: Stress levels and food have a super complicated relationship. Some people forget to eat when stressed. Others can have the tendency to overeat or chose unhealthy items.  Both of these scenarios are not good for your stress. Low blood sugar from not eating or high blood sugar followed by a crash are both bad for stress. Fruits, veggies, and fatty fishes are the best for reducing stress. That third cup of coffee and glazed donut…not so much.

Spend time with others/socialize: Spending time with people you like is so good for you. Socializing with other’s cause your brain to release oxytocin, which is a natural stress reliever. Yay, no pills needed! If you can laugh that is even better. Laughing causes you to bring in more oxygen and releases tension in the body. While being with a  real person is the best, you can sub in a funny book, movie, or podcast.

Self-care: If you have been following me for a bit, you know I am big on the self-care. I’ll just leave the link to my self-care post here.

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