Guilt Free Games for Your Kids

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I know there is a lot of controversy over how much screen time is too much screen time. In fact, my doctor recommended that I keep my children screen-free until they are two years old. Yikes! My oldest started having screen time around a year old. Sometimes as moms, we just need to be able to get a few things done without a kiddo under our feet.

I received KidloLand free to review, but all opinions are my own.

I don’t feel guilty about the little screen time the boys are getting because I only allow educational games and shows. Currently, my oldest is loving the KidloLand app. It is great because it has hundreds of games all in one space. I can cook dinner while my kids are singing, dancing, laughing, and learning.

My old iPad pretty much belongs to the kids now. I can’t get it out without them wanting to play with it. My two-year-old knows how to find the app on the iPad without any help from me. He does need a little bit of help navigating because there are just so many options for him to pick from. He is really into singing and dancing right now so he really loves the music. His favorite is Itsy Bitsy Spider.

has tons of fun stuff and can be used until the boys are 5 years old! The early learning games included in the app are great for preparing the kiddos for school. There are games for days of the week, weather, phonics, and more.

While I try not to rely on screen time too often, I know that when my kiddos are playing with the KidloLand app that they are actually learning. That is something I don’t have to feel guilty about!

Do you allow your kids to have screen time? How much time do they get?

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Guilt Free Games for Your Kids

KidloLand: Guilt Free Games for Your Kids
KidloLand: Guilt Free Games for Your Kids
KidloLand:Splat The Veggies
KidloLand:Splat The Veggies


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