Youth To The People Brand Review

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It’s time for another brand review. This time I asked what brand you would like to see. An overwhelming majority of you said to do a Youth To The People brand review. So without further ado, I am going to be sharing my honest thoughts on each product. I’ll also let you know who I think would like each product. And if something is a complete dud, I’ll let you know what I would buy instead.

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Youth To The People Product Reviews

Youth To The People Cleanser

Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser | $36

The Superfood cleanser is like a green smoothie for your face. It is formulated with a proprietary superfood-extract blend of kale, spinach, and green tea. Despite all the leafy greens in the face wash, it doesn’t smell bad.

When my skin was oiler and more prone to acne I enjoyed this cleanser. Now that I am older and my skin is starting to dry out, I don’t enjoy it anymore.

Price-wise, it is expensive for a cleanser when compared to drugstore options. But when compared to other cleansers in the same category, like Kiehl’s or Summer Fridays, the price of the face wash is competitively priced.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you will likely enjoy this cleanser. For those with drier skin types, you’ll want to skip it.

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YTTP Toner

Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Toner | $38

Kombucha toner is the perfect name for this toner which features fermented tea. The tea is combined with lactic acid and glycolic acid to exfoliate and decongest the skin.

Let’s start with the smell. Because it features fermented ingredients, it does smell kinda boozy. Thankfully, the scent doesn’t linger. From an ingredient perspective, I like that it uses a combination of lactic and glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin. However, my skin just didn’t like this toner. This toner paired with the cleanser dried out my skin.

Hello, sticker shock! Have you seen the price? For $38 you only get 4 ounces of product. Yep, that means this toner costs $9.50 an ounce. No thank you.

This product is a hard pass for me. It is way too drying and way too expensive. I could only recommend the Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Toner to those with oily and acne-prone skin. Personally, I will continue to use my favorite AHA toner from OLEHENRIKSEN.

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Youth To The People Unity Exfoliant

Mandelic Acid + Superfood Unity Exfoliant | $38

Since the Kombucha toner was too harsh, it was nice to see they came out with another option. This toner combines mandelic acid, salicylic acid, and gluconolactone to exfoliate the skin. It is also paired with aloe and licorice root to soothe the skin.

At the time that I am writing this, I’ve only been testing this toner for a week. At this point, I can tell you that the Unity Exfoliant is nowhere near as drying as the Kombucha toner. According to the bottle, you should be able to use this toner daily, but I am only using it two times a week. Even though it is less drying, it is still a bit much for every day.

Like the other toner, I think it is overpriced.

I would recommend this toner to people with combination/oily skin. Since it has salicylic acid, it is also a good option for acne-prone skin. For super dry or very sensitive skin types, I would pass on this toner.

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15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum | $68

This serum combines Vitamin C, yerba mate tea, guayusa, with squalane to fade hyperpigmentation, firm the skin, and protect the skin from free radicals.

First, let’s talk about Vitamin C. Using a Vitamin C serum is a great way to fade scars while brightening the skin. That being said, I don’t typically use them. Vitamin C just doesn’t do enough for me to give it a permanent place in my skincare routine.

If you are a Vitamin C user, this serum works well. Like most Vitamin C serums, this does leave a bit of a tacky texture on the skin. You’ll also want to be particular about what you layer on top because it can pill up.

While you can find many Vitamin C serums for cheaper, this one is priced competitively amongst its clean beauty, higher-end competitors.

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Youth To The People Superfood Moisture Cream

Superfood Air-Whip Moisturizer | $48

Like the similarly named cleanser, this moisturizer is formulated with a proprietary superfood-extract blend of kale, spinach, and green tea. To aid in hydration they have also included hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and panthenol.

This moisturizer has a very light and airy texture, just like the name implies. As someone with skin that leans on the combination side, I found that this moisturizer was too light for my liking. Shortly after applying, my skin felt dry and dehydrated. Even in the summer, this isn’t hydrating enough for my skin.

Surprisingly, this is one of the more affordable products from the brand. For $48 you get 2 ounces of the product. Typically, moisturizers only offer 1.7 ounces at most.

If you have oily skin this is the moisturizer for you. Otherwise, skip it.

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YTTP Superberry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask

Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask | $48

This dream mask is an overnight mask formulated with squalane, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C to hydrate and brighten the skin.

When I looked at the ingredients before trying this overnight mask, I noticed that the Vitamin C in this is fairly low on the ingredient list. That’s not a bad thing. I am glad that it is lower down on the ingredient list because that means the concentration is low and it won’t irritate my skin.

Honestly, I was very pleasantly surprised by this mask. I loved how my skin felt in the morning after using it. YTTP says to use it daily at night, but I didn’t. I preferred to use it occasionally when I wanted a boost of hydration.

This is another winner when it comes to price. It is priced fairly and a jar lasts a good amount of time.

I really loved this product and I would recommend it to everyone.

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Youth To The People Eye Cream

Dream Eye Cream with Vitamin C and Ceramides | $48

This dream eye cream is formulated with squalane, ceramides, and Vitamin C to bring a more youthful look to the eye.

Since I loved the Glow Dream Mask, I pretty much knew I was going to like this eye cream. It is a bit more hydrating since it is for the eyes. Honestly, if this wasn’t in such a small container, I would use it all over my face.

For eye cream, it is a little more expensive than its competitors. However, I’d say it is worth the added cost.

I really loved this product. It is one of my favorites from the line and I would recommend it to everyone.

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Yerba Mate Resurfacing + Exfoliating Energy Facial | $54

This product from Youth To The People claims to be an instant microdermabrasion treatment. They pack this facial with high-power papaya and pineapple enzymes, lactic acid, and diatomaceous earth, to exfoliate the skin.

I love a good exfoliating facial. I regularly use products like The Ordinary Peeling Solution, DE Babyfacial, or PHAT Glow Facial with no problem. However, there is something about pineapple enzymes that my skin does not like. I used this product as instructed and it left my face red. Like burnt. Now I only use this product on my feet to help keep them smooth.

The price point of this facial treatment is on-point. As you know the Drunk Elephant facial is priced at $80. A similar enzyme mask from Peter Thomas Roth is $60.

Because I had such a terrible experience with this product, I am having a hard time recommending it to anyone. However, if you have hardy skin and don’t have issues with enzyme-based exfoliators, you might like it. I would see if you could get a sample first.

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Overall Thoughts On The Brand

I know I haven’t tried the entire line. However, I just can’t spend any more money on a skincare brand that wasn’t made for my skin type.

This brand is best suited for people with oily, combination, or acne-prone skin. If you do want to try Youth To The People, you can get the Youth System at Sephora for $55. With the set, you are able to try 6 different products.

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