Your Wellness Goals and Getting Fit in 2019

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It’s probably pretty obvious by now that I am all about wellness this year. Part of working on wellness is eating right, getting enough sleep, and taking time for self-care. Of course getting in enough exercise, being fit, and improving your physical health is a major part of it too.

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My Personal Fitness Goals

I’ve never talked too much about my specific fitness goals as it can be a bit embarrassing to share. A lot of judgement can come when you share you need to lose a certain number of pounds.

This year, I am not focusing on the number on the scale or the size of my jeans. My focus instead is going to be on how I feel. I want to have more endurance and more energy. I want to chase my two crazy boys around until they are tired.

Making Your Own Fitness Goals

I’ve talked before about how I was letting other people define my version of healthy. Thankfully, I’ve learned to reflect inward when setting my fitness goals. You too, need to make sure that you take the time to decide what your fitness goals are. Don’t let my goals or some other person’s goals, get in the way of your vision for yourself.

Make Yourself A Priority

This one can be so hard, especially when you have so many things pulling you in every direction. Kids, work, a spouse…. I totally get it. Don’t feel guilty for making yourself and your health a priority. After all, you will feel better and will have more energy for your other priorities.

Schedule It

Having a goal to work out X times a week is great. But step it up a notch and put your workout time in your schedule. Instead of trying to find time to work out in your busy schedule, make your workout part a priority and schedule around it.

Putting your workout in your schedule might mean having to shift things around a bit. If you only have time to workout before work, you might have to look at going to bed earlier so you can get up earlier in the morning.

Find A Gym That Gives You What You Need

I’m going to be completely honest. I had a hard time going to the last gym I tried. Just walking in the door made me super self-conscious. I’m sure most of the people there didn’t even notice me, but the feeling of judgement was still there. Find a gym that makes you feel welcome when you walk in. It will make going to the gym 1000% more enjoyable.

Aside from how a gym makes you feel, you all need to find a gym that has the location, hours, and price that works for you. Gyms in my neighborhood can have limited hours and crazy high monthly costs.

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How about Planet Fitness?

If you want to find a place that is a judgement free zone, has all the equipment you need, you should check out Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness’ mission is to enhance people’s lives by providing a high-quality fitness experience in a welcoming, non-intimidating environment, which they call the Judgement Free Zone®.  If you need help developing a workout routine, they also include free fitness training with every membership!

The January new membership sale is a great way to kick off 2019, whereby new members can join any location now through January 15 for just $1 down (enrollment fee) and $10 a month thereafter.

Check out this video to find out more about Planet Fitness.


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    Baguio Fitness by Mae said:

    Self love is more important. I agree when you said that Make yourself A Priority, we should take good care of ourselves as well. Thank you for sharing this.