A ‘Wonderful’ Holiday Charcuterie Board

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You can smell the food in the air. The guests have all arrived and are hungry. But there are hours until dinner is ready! So what do you do? You pull out a wonderful holiday spread of snacks and little bites to hold people over until dinner is served.

When I host, my go-to move is to make a board for my guests. The one great thing about making a board is that anything goes. But in case you need some help, I’ll be sharing the details so you can create one for your guests.

Wonderful Pistachios Board

When I make my board, I start by spreading out the larger cheeses. I’ll do a piece of Brie, a hard cheese, a flavored soft cheese, and something for the non-adventurous eaters like white cheddar.

After placing the cheeses, I put down bowls for things like pickles, olives, and nuts. For this board, I am using a big bowl for the Wonderful Pistachios. So why pistachios? I really like how the flavor pairs with the meats and cheeses. An added bonus is that they keep my guests busy so I can finish cooking the rest of the dinner without any more interruptions.

Since we are on the topic of pistachios, I want to let you know that Wonderful Pistachios will be donating $.10/unit to Toys for Tots for each Wonderful Pistachios Roasted & Salted and Wonderful Pistachios Roasted No Salt sold at Walmart. As a parent, I love to give gifts to my children. I can’t even imagine how heartbreaking it must be for the parents and the children when there are no gifts. Thankfully, Toys for Tots is available to help brighten up the holiday for so many families. You can find out more about Wonderful Pistachios and Toys for Tots here.

Now that you have run out and purchased all the bags of pistachios at your local Walmart. Now we are going to move on to filling the rest of the board. After the bowls are down, I’ll add little rows of meat followed by crackers. To fill in the rest of the space, I add in some cucumber and some cherry tomatoes. That’s it. Just a few steps and you have a wonderful spread of snacks for your guests.

PS. Even if you won’t be entertaining, you can still support the Toys for Tots initiative by going to your local Walmart and buying a bag or two. I love to have them on hand but they also make a great stocking stuffer.


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