9 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

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It seems like January has been two months long. The cold weather and the gloomy skies, make it feel like spring will never get here. But I promise spring will come. Until then, you have to sit tight and do what you can to beat the winter blues.

Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Growing up in Tennessee, I was used to having sunny days for most of the year. When I moved to Oregon, the change to cloudy and rainy was a shock to my system. Now that I have lived in Oregon for almost ten years, I have learned a thing (or 9) about beating the winter blues.

Make Your Environment Brighter

Do what you can to get as much natural light into your house or apartment as possible. Keep your blinds and curtains totally open during the day. Use bright colors on your walls and light-colored upholstery. Also, mirrors will help reflect the light you do have.

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Beat the winter blues by eating healthy

Eat Healthier Foods

Make sure to choose healthy options that are high in vitamins. Skip the foods that leave you feeling lethargic and tired. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids (mostly water) too.

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Get Some Exercise

We’ve talked at length about how exercise is a great mood booster. Don’t want to go out for a run? Exercise inside. There are tons of options, even free ones.

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Have A Set Sleep Schedule

Sleeping in for a little bit on occasion is nice and can help you feel more rested. However if you stay up all night or sleep all day, your body’s rhythm will get out of whack. Sleeping too much or not enough can both make you feel sluggish, which won’t help with the winter blues.

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Beat the winter blues by going outside

Go Outside In The Morning

Spending time outside can do wonders for your attitude even if it is just for a little bit. Bonus points if you can go outside within the first couple of hours of waking up.

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Get A SAD Lamp

If 10 or so minutes outside early in the morning just isn’t happening for you, consider picking up a SAD lamp or a light therapy lamp. Please know that there is some debate on the effectiveness of light therapy. Also if you are on medication for mental health issues like depression or anxiety, you would want to consult your doctor first.

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Take A Vitamin D Supplement

Sunlight helps you feel better and sunlight helps with Vitamin D production. Though not a direct relationship, there is some evidence of correlation. If you lack sun exposure, you may not be producing enough Vitamin D. You can easily fix this by taking a supplement.

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Beat winter blues by being social

Stay Social

Winter can be sad and boring because of the weather. But don’t let the depressing clouds, cold, snow or rain keep you from having fun. Social interaction with others will help you keep those sad, blue feelings away.

For Winter Blues That Don’t Go Away -> Consult With A Doctor

If you find you just can’t shake the winter blues or feel like you might be suffering from depression, please consult a medical professional. There is nothing wrong with getting help. You may need to start therapy, go on antidepressants, or you could have other health issues.

I hope you found this post helpful for beating the winter blues. If you have any other tips, please feel free to leave a comment. Also, I’d really love it if you would share this post with your friends and family.

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