17 Wardrobe Essentials That Will Make Getting Dressed Easy

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Do you ever go to your closet and just stare at your clothes? You have tons of clothes but nothing to wear.

I know we’ve all been there.

Thankfully, I no longer have this problem. Now when I get dressed, I can pull together a great outfit in a matter of minutes.

If you want a wardrobe that will really work for you, where you can get dressed quickly every day, and have a ton of outfit options, you need to build your wardrobe around these essentials.

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What Pieces Are Considered Essential?

Clothes that are mostly solid colors, in basic styles that never go out of style are essentials.

Tees and jeans are the most basic essentials you need to have. Other essentials include a classic black dress, nice black pants, and dressy black shoes.

For your essentials, you’ll want 6 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 dress, 3 jackets, and 3 pairs of shoes.

Tips For Picking Your Wardrobe Essentials

1. Stick with neutral, solid colors.  Having your wardrobe essentials in neutral colors like black, navy, white and gray, will ensure that all of your items will match.

2. Buy good quality items. If you spend a bit more on a good quality item, it will last longer than a cheaper alternative. If you are on a budget, wait for seasonal sales or buy items from a consignment shop.

3. Try on all of your wardrobe pieces. Finally, make sure everything fits properly and is comfortable. Don’t wait until you are getting ready to find out your jeans no longer fit or that you don’t like how something looks on.

Shop Wardrobe Essentials

Blazer | Denim Jacket | Trench Coat

Sweater | Striped Shirt | Chambray

White Button Down | White Tee | Gray Tee

Dress Pants | Blue Jeans | White Jeans

Black Dress | Black Bag | Black Heels

White Sneakers | Loafers

Need More Wardrobe Help?

Now that you have all of the essentials, it is time to round out your wardrobe. Here are some additional posts, full of fashion advice and recommendations from quality retailers.


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