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Here we are on day 5 of the 31 Days To A Happier You. So far we have done a lot of goal setting and brainstorming. Today we are going to be getting a bit more creative. Get our your scissors and old magazines, because it is time to visualize your happiness by creating a happiness board.

happiness board

Vision boards have been around for a long time. Think of them as the original Pinterest.  Essentially a vision board is a board or poster that you use to put words and pictures of what you’d like to bring into your life. Vision boards provide inspirations and remind us of our goals.

But we aren’t making a vision board, we are making a happiness board. And while they are similar, they are not the same.

For example: My vision board is what I aspire to be. It is goal-oriented. My board has an image of a big modern farmhouse. like they show in Southern Living. I’d love to one day own a beautiful white house with black shutters.  It is something that I aspire to, not something that currently makes me happy. Or I have a picture of a Chanel bag that I would love to one day own. It’s a symbol of wanting to be beautiful, successful, and stylish.

A happiness board, on the other hand, would be of things that make me happy like flowers, my children, quotes, my cat, a picture of something cozy…

How To Make A Happiness Board

  1. Purchase a corkboard from Amazon or Target. I’m going for something I bit fancy but really, anything will do, as long as the content you’re adding to it makes you happy.
  2. Make a list of everything that makes you happy (if you are new to the challenge) or use one of the lists you’ve already created.
  3. Grab a magazine, print images from your computer, or find photos that you love. Then just pin them to your board.
  4. Keep it updated. Revisit your board once a month and think about what you can add or remove.

For The Weekend: Yay to a fun thing to do this weekend! I know you are all busy people and this project will take a little bit of time. But I promise it will be fun. I’d love to see your happiness boards so please tag them in a photo or upload a story to Instagram. Use #a_happier_you so I can find them. Or you can tag me: @holly_cuperus

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