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In my last post about what the boys eat, I outlined a generic toddler meal plan that I use. In this post, we are going to be a bit more specific about what snack time looks like around here.

If I would let them, the boys would literally snack all day.  Much like their mommy, they tend to be grazers. Of course, I want them to eat their meals, so I had to implement a snack schedule. Currently, the boys are eating two snacks a day. We do one snack between breakfast and lunch and another snack after nap.

With two boys and two snacks a day we fo through a lot of snacks. I am always looking to add variety to what they eat so I am constantly looking for new snack ideas. Snack was easier back when the boys were younger. We did a lot of pouches and puffs, but now they both need something a bit more substantial.

During our last trip to Target, I made sure to pick up Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt Cups. The boys and I love all of the Happy Family foods. Thus yogurt is no exception. Happy Family’s yogurt is mindfully made with probiotics and is non-GMO and USDA organic, with no added sweeteners. My boys love the Strawberry, Banana, Oats & Chia flavor. I was hoping to pick up a new flavor for them to try but this yogurt is so popular there was only one package left!

Usually when we go shopping the boys can’t wait to leave. They forgot all about complaining about shopping when they saw me pick up the yogurt.

At snack time, I like to make sure they have plenty of options. If we don’t have yogurt for breakfast we have it as snack. Here the boys are having banana slices, grapes, and the Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt Cups.

My oldest loves to be different and he dipped his bananas and grapes into his yogurt! Maybe we can try making yogurt-dipped fruit for another snack time. Maybe coat them and stick them in the freezer?

We practically live at our local Target store, so I can make sure to stock up on Happy Family Yogurt. Hopefully next time, I’ll be able to grab a new flavor for the boys so we can mix things up a bit flavor-wise.

Now that I’ve shared one of our go-to snacks, I’d love to hear about one of your go-to snacks. I am always looking for more ideas.


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  1. 7.2.18
    Laura said:

    Yoghurt is always such a win. I wonder if my kids will eat the chia seeds! They are apparently really really beneficial. I struggle with the texture of them a bit.