10 Tips To Make 2019 Your Healthiest Year

We are a little over a week into January already. Hopefully you are all still going strong with your resolutions. Last week, I mentioned that this year I am going to focus on wellness. I truly believe improving your wellness, will improve your life overall. While diet and exercise are a large part of wellness, it is important to look at wellness more holistically. Keep reading for 10 habits to put into practice to make this your healthiest year.

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your healthiest year

Get more sleep.

There is endless amounts of research touting the importance of getting enough sleep. Getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep is good for your immune system and your mood. If you want to get more sleep but don’t feel like you have time, start by going to bed 20 minutes earlier and work your way up to an hour.

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Drink more water.

Your body is mostly made of water so it makes sense that you need to be drinking it. For me drinking more water keeps me feeling more awake, helps my skin look more luminous, and it keeps me from consuming drinks with calories. Easily drink more water by grabbing your water bottle when you leave the house. No need to stop at that coffee shop or pick up a soft drink when you get thirsty while running errands.

Favorite Water Bottles: Contigo, Hydro Flask

Move your body everyday.

You know that regular exercise is good for your health. This goes beyond the typical advice to exercise a few days a week. Yes, you need to do that, but even on days that you don’t hit the gym you should move your body everyday. This can be as simple as stretching in the morning to taking a short walk during your lunch.

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Eat more veggies, especially the green ones.

More veggies is the answer to everything. Want to lose weight? Eat more veggies. Want glowing skin? Eat more veggies. I’ll be honest and admit this one is hard for me. I’ve been getting more veg in my diet by throwing some spinach into my smoothie or eating a big green salad at lunch.

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Eat less sugar.

Eating more veggies is good for you, but it won’t do much to help you lose weight or feel better if you are consuming tons of sugar. Feel better and avoid the sugar crash by eating less sugar. Make simple swaps by drinking flavored water instead of soda. Even swapping out just one drink a day is a huge start.

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Reduce your screen time.

Pediatricians recommend no screen time for children under two because of all the negative effects of staring at a screen. As an adult, screen time is still just as bad. Screen time is bad for your health, impacts your sleep, makes impulse control harder, and it can cause depression. If you have an iPhone it is easier than ever to track your screen time. The tracker has made me very aware of how much time I’ve been spending on my phone. Need more help cutting screen time? Schedule times during the day to log off your computer and put the phone away.

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Try out meditation.

If you think meditation is just woo woo nonsense, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Meditation has numerous benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety and improving happiness. Please don’t be scared of mediation because you think it is hard. With the help of apps like Calm and Headspace, it is easier than you think to get started.

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Take time for self-care.

You have probably heard this before but… You can’t pour from an empty cup. Simply this means you have to take time for yourself so you have the energy to give time to those in your life. Self care is not selfish, so please make sure to fit it into your schedule.

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Practice gratitude.

Gratitude isn’t just a word to throw around at Thanksgiving. There are real benefits to practicing gratitude including lowering stress levels, increasing happiness, increasing self-worth, and it hinders negative thinking. Want to start a gratitude journal? Check out the giveaway at the bottom of the page to enter to win a Start Today Journal from The Hollis Co.

your healthiest year

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Start again.

One of the hardest things about wellness is sticking with it. If you mess up, that is okay. Nobody is perfect. Give yourself some grace. Learn from the mistake and move on. Every hour and every day is a new opportunity for you to make this your healthiest year.

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