The Word Is Wellness

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My aim, my guide, and my inspiration for the new year is wellness.

I’ve never picked a word of the year before. As a detailed goal setter it just seemed too broad and unspecific. But this year, having a word just made sense. Wellness is broad, but it perfectly sums up the goals that I have set

Here at Feisty Life Media, my goal has always been to inspire you to live a life you love. Part of living a full and feisty life, is taking care of and loving yourself. I can’t think of any other word that better encompasses these principles.

If you want to make wellness part of your new year, let’s jump in head first. Here are a few suggestions of habits and choices you can make in the spirit of wellness.

path to wellness

Find a way to be held accountable.

With any goal, wellness related or not, you need to figure out how you will be held accountable. Some people are able to make a promise to themselves and keep it. They need only be held accountable by themselves. Others need accountability from an outward source.

Define what healthy/wellness means to you.

There is so much noise in the wellness arena. Only you can decide what wellness means to you.

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Don’t worry what others might say.

Just as you don’t want someone else’s version of wellness to interfere with your progress, you also don’t want to let their thoughts get in your way. Don’t open the door for the naysayers.

Be intentional with what you put in your body.

There are so many diet options: Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, Whole30, Mediterranean Diet… There are supplements, protein powders, shakes, drinks, and vitamins. How you chose to approach wellness is up to you. Just make sure to be intentional with what you put in your body.

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I hope you are ready and willing to join me on the quest for wellness. Leave a comment below with your health or wellness goal for the year.


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  1. 1.3.19
    Elisa said:

    I like the word wellness. It has a calming spa-like quality to it!
    My wellness goal this year is to get a decent number of hours sleep each night. (Not doing it now being on the internet!).
    But I feel that my body needs and craves sleep. And when I don’t sleep well, I’m more prone to sickness. So sleep = health…almost literally for me!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • 1.3.19
      hcuperus said:

      Yes to this! Sleep is so important for our health. I struggle with getting enough sleep because of blog life and all it entails. Good luck with your goal!

  2. 1.3.19
    krystal said:

    I used to be an insane goal setter but I Find myself feeling let down when I don’t reach them. I’m trying to set attainable goals that are “easy” to get to!

    • 1.3.19
      hcuperus said:

      I feel the exact same way. I always set goals that are lofty. This year I am trying to be a bit more realistic.

  3. 1.3.19
    Rosemary said:

    Love this word “wellness” – while it is not my “word” for 2019, it is certainly an important part of my overall wellbeing. Great point about finding an accountability partner, this is key to making anything a reality. Running a marathon is one of my goals and once I sign up, “that date” will keep me motivated and accountable. Here’s to 2019 filled with joy and wellness!

  4. 1.3.19
    cindy said:

    I think wellness as a word of year is perfect, especially our lives today are so hectic. It’s a great reminder for both physical and mental well beings.

  5. 3.18.22
    Denise said:

    My word for 2022 is Healthy. Exploring ways to be healthier in mind, body and spirit.