The Unexpected Happiness Of Cleaning Up

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Yay we made it to through an entire week of the 31 Days To A Happier You Challenge. Yesterday we talked about cleaning up our social media. Today we are going to talk about actually cleaning up.

cleaning up

Okay so I will be the first to admit that I don’t like cleaning. Some people remind me of Monica Geller and love cleaning. I on the other hand might be a bit more like Rachel Green when it comes to cleaning.I appreciate living in a clean space but I would let someone else clean the kitchen or the bathroom. Please and thank you.

But since my husband hasn’t cleaned a shower since I’ve known him and I don’t have a maid, I must clean. I don’t love scrubbing, there is one cleaning task that I love. Decluttering. I love to throw stuff away. I feel so great when I load up the van with things to donate.

In case the fact that there is a best-selling book all about the magic of cleaning up isn’t enough to convince you that cleaning can make you happier, I’ll drop some knowledge on you.

The Clorox study found that someone’s level of empathy increases by nine percent if he or she lives in a clean home and that number goes up to 12 percent if they are the person that cleaned.

Being in a clean home makes 80 percent of people feel more relaxed, 60 percent feel less stressed, and 72  percent more productive. Don’t we all want to me more relaxed, less stressed, and more productive?

Also the more people clean, the happier they are. The likelihood someone is happier than average increases by 53 percent for every additional hour that they clean in a week. Say what!

I want in on those percentages, don’t you?

Today’s task is to clean something. Anything. Make your bed. Wash the dishes. Clean your bathroom or your clean the mess in you car(that includes behind the car seat). If you’re struggling with picking what to clean, start with a small mess that is bothering you. If you feel inclined, move to the next small mess.

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  1. 10.8.18
    Shari said:

    I think I’m broken, cleaning doesn’t generally make me feel better lol. But it’s definitely better to stay on top of it. I definitely get overwhelmed and unhappy if the mess gets out of control.

  2. 10.8.18
    Sarah said:

    Cleaning definitely makes me feel better. Well not the act of cleaning but having a clean home. 🙂

  3. 10.8.18
    Toni said:

    I love cleaning, but thinking about cleaning makes me panicky. It’s prob because I have too many kiddos that every day is like a massive overhaul. Once I’m doing it, I’m in zen mode.

    • 10.8.18
      hcuperus said:

      It can be overwhelming at times. I try to focus on one area at a time to avoid that.