The Best Makeup of 2020

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With the never-ending release of new products in the beauty space, finding the best products can be a daunting process.

After all, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a product to find that it doesn’t work or doesn’t look good.

We don’t want that for you either. So to help you out, we spend countless hours and dollars testing products.

And since we want to be known as someone you can trust, we only recommend the best of the best.

For this year’s Best Makeup of 2020 Awards, we are sharing the products we turned to most this year. We may not have worn a lot of makeup in 2020 or tested too many new things but one thing is for sure, these products left a lasting (positive) impression.

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MAC Studio Face and Body

Best Makeup of 2020 Mac Face and Body

We know that most of you beauty lovers probably tried MAC Studio Face and Body when it was released in 2012. But for some crazy reason, we just hadn’t gotten around to it until now.

This foundation is just a dream come true. We love that it is easy to apply. Just use your fingers. No brush or beauty blender needed. It gives a light coverage that has a true skin-like finish.

Glossier Stretch Concealer

Glossier Stretch Concealer

After years of hearing people rave about Glossier, we finally decided to give it a try. When we did our review, we all fell in love with the Stretch Concealer.

If you tried the Skin Tint from Glossier and didn’t like it, you might be scared to try something else from Glossier. But you shouldn’t be. The Stretch Concealer is one of our favorite products from the brand. The dewy concealer is great for the under eyes. It hides dark circles and brightens the eye area giving the illusion of a full night’s sleep.

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Natasha Denona Mini Glam Palette

Best Makeup of 2020 Mini Glam

I don’t think we can put into words how much we love this eyeshadow palette. We pretty much rave about it anytime we are asked about eyeshadow.

So what makes this palette great? First and foremost, the formula is hands down the best we have ever tried. It blends well, lasts forever, and has the right amount of pigment. Second, the color story is perfect. You can create a simple look with one or two shades or create something a bit more glamorous. With such versatility, there is no question that it belongs on our best makeup of 2020 list.

Revlon Colorstay Creme Eye Shadow

Revlon Eyeshadow

This year we have loved a one and done eye look. We pick one color and use our fingers to apply the shadow.

We like the Revlon Colorstay Creme because it is so easy to use and comes in a variety of colors. This cream eyeshadow has just the right amount of pigment and blends out easily. Plus you can’t beat the price.

Marc Jacobs Beauty At Lash’d Mascara

Marc Jacobs Mascara

We love love love pretty much everything from Marc Jacobs Beauty, so as soon as this was released we just knew we had to try it.

This mascara made it to our best makeup of 2020 list because it checks all of our boxes. It lifts, curls, and adds volume. It does all of that without clumping or smudging! Plus, the packaging is gorgeous.

L’Oréal Bambi Eye Mascara

Bambi Eye Mascara

Drugstore mascaras are getting better and better every year. So If you don’t have the budget for a high-end mascara or don’t want to spend over $20 a tube, you can still find some really good options.

Of the three drugstore mascaras we tested this year, we liked this one the most. It lifts, curls, and defines the lashes for that perfect doe-eyed look. Bambi eye is available in multiple shades and there is a waterproof version available as well.

Glossier Lip Gloss

Glossier Lip Gloss

When we reviewed Glossier, we didn’t expect that one of our favorite products would be a lip gloss. Not only was it one of our favorites from Glossier, but it was also one of the best lip products we tried all year.

We are pretty partial to the red shade which gives just enough of a tint to the lips that it is noticeable but it’s not so pigmented that you need a mirror to apply.

Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer

Fenty Cream Bronzer Makeup of 2002

In case you are new here, we love love love a good cream product.In fact, we were using cream products before it was cool. So you know we got on board with Fenty releasing cream bronzers in a multitude of shades.

We love that this creamy bronzer blends easily, so no need to worry about streaks of bronzer on your face. To make the application seamless, we love to use a duo fiber stippling brush.

Glossier Cloud Paint

Most of us here at Feisty Life Media aren’t really into blush but after using Cloud Paint, we might become blush lovers. We really love that Cloud Paint is a truly customizable blush. You can mix shades to get your perfect blush color. You can use a little for just a touch of color or you can build it up.

The Best Makeup of 2020!

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Best Makeup of 2020


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