Stay Radiant and Stylish All Summer Long

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During the summer time, it can be a real struggle to look radiant (not greasy) and stylish (but still cool). To help you end the struggle with summer I am sharing my tips and tricks to keep you radiant and stylish all summer long.

Stay Radiant

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When comes to makeup and skin care during the summer, I like to keep things simple. During early summer I might wear a tinted moisturizer, but for the most part I go foundation free. I just throw on a lip gloss and some mascara. If for some reason you want to wear a foundation, make sure to have a good mattifying primer, a setting spray, and blotting papers. In case your makeup decides to melt, you’ll want to bring some makeup wipes when you go out too.

Skin Care

Make sure to use products that will help control oil production and reduce pore size. Just make sure not to use products that are going to be overly drying or you skin will ramp up its oil production. If you can, get a facial that is designed specifically to clear out your pores. Also keep some acne treatments on hand for when the occasional breakout decides to pop up.


Obviously when it gets hot you need to drink plenty of water so you won’t get dehydrated. Drinking water is also key to making sure your face doesn’t look like a greasy mess. If you get tired of drinking plain water, you can jazz it up a bit by adding fruit like lemons or limes. My favorite combo is lemon, mint, and cucumber.

Be Stylish

radiant and stylish

Cool Fabrics

During the winter, I wear tons of layers and chunky knit fabrics so I can stay warm. During the summer months, I want to stay cool so I switch up the types of fabrics I will wear. My go to fabrics are linen and cotton. I own three pairs of linen shorts! If shorts aren’t your thing, you can find linen pants, dresses, and skirts too. I pair my linen skirts and shorts with cotton blouses when I am out and about. For a fun casual vibe, you can pair your linen shorts and dress with cotton tees.

Light Colors

If you have been reading my blog, you probably know I have a love love love for all things black. While I still wear black during the summer months, I try to pair it with lighter colors like blush pink or white. On days that are super hot, even I ditch the black for a completely light-colored outfit.

Always Radiant

I know, I know. This is not a fun topic to talk about. But if you are going to wear those light-colored shorts, you need to make sure you are protected during that time of the month. I can’t image how mortifying it would be to ruin my cute outfit like that! Thankfully, I make sure to keep an Always Radiant pad with me in my purse.

You might be wondering what is so great about this pad… Well honestly it is thin and super absorbent. You actually can’t even feel that you are wearing it. And just like women come in all different sizes, so do these pads. With the Size Selector Tool, you can find the right size for you and your unique cycle. Pick up a box at your neighborhood Walmart and leave with the confidence that you will look and feel your best during that time of the month.

radiant and stylish

I hope that you find these tips on how to stay radiant and stylish all summer long (even during that time of the month) helpful. Oh and make sure to save this on Pinterest for future reference!


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