Tips And Tricks For Starting A Morning Routine

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I don’t know about you, but I am not a morning person. I’m the kind of person that likes to hit snooze four times before begrudgingly dragging myself out of bed. The mad rush out the door inevitably follows. Half the time I have forgotten something important like papers that needed to be signed or my thermos of coffee. Late, tired, and sans coffee is not a great way to start the day.

I’m guessing, if you are here, a lot of the above applies to you too. Thankfully, I’ve started to get my act together. Late days are minimal, in fact, I’ve only been late to school drop-off ONE time. How do I do it? I started a morning routine.

Your perfect routine and mine are going to look a bit different, so instead of sharing my exact routine, I’ll be sharing my top tips and tricks for starting a morning routine.

Tips For Starting A Morning Routine

Tips And Tricks For Starting A Morning Routine

Get Enough Sleep

Obviously, it is much easier to get up when you have had enough sleep.  Need help sleeping, check out my sleep better routine or my post on easy hacks to get a better night’s sleep.

Be Consistent

Starting a new routine is not easy. You might be tempted to hit the snooze button and throw the routine out the window, but if you stick with the routine it will become easier.

Limit Screen Time

Is your phone the first thing you check when you wake up?  I mean you just wanted to sneak a look at your email.. and Instagram… and Pinterest. The next thing you know it has been an hour. Avoid looking at your screen first thing in the morning.

Get Moving

If you are not a morning person it probably takes you a long time to wake up. Moving from the bed to the sofa isn’t going to help. I  know I need to get moving in order to wake my body up. Some people may choose to exercise after waking up others (myself included) like to do a few easy stretches.

Get Ready For The Day

If you work from home or if you are a stay-at-home mom, it can be tempting to stay in your comfy PJs all day. Fight that urge and get ready for the day. Put on some clothes even if it is just leggings and a t-shirt.

Eat A Healthy Meal

Some people cannot eat right when they wake up, some people wake up starving. Make sure when you do decide to eat that you pick something healthy. You don’t want to ruin your momentum by crashing after a carb or sugar-loaded breakfast.

Have A Positive Attitude

It can be hard to have a positive attitude when you just want to be in bed. I try to find something to look forward to for the day. Maybe you are going to the park or have plans to meet up with someone after work.

Bonus Tip

If you drink coffee or tea in the morning, a pretty cup can help make the morning a little more pleasant.

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