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The power has gone out again. The third trip to switch the breaker means I have to turn one of the air conditioners off. I really wish I didn’t have to because it is already 81 degrees inside.

In order to keep the boys from getting even crankier and to keep myself from sweating to death, it is time to pack the boys up and head to the pool.

Lucky for me, my oldest might as well be a fish. He loves water. He begs me to let him wash his hands just so he can get them wet. My little guy will play around with his brother for a bit and splash around then he wants to hang out with mama.

Once the boys tire of the pool it is time for snacks and a trip to the store.

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Once we return from the store we have a dinner of hot dogs and chips so I don’t have to turn the oven on. After an hour-long struggle to get my oldest to eat his hot dog, we all have a cool treat of some mint chocolate chip ice cream on waffle cones. Then it is bath time which will allow the boys to cool down a bit again before going to bed.

The pool at Oma’s house is a saltwater pool so the chlorine level is lower than normal but the neighborhood pool is a traditional chlorine pool. With the boys and I spending a ton of time at both pools, I needed some products to help minimize the damage from the chlorine and the sun.

This is a perfect opportunity for me to try the SoCozy swim line, available on Amazon, on the boys. Neither of them actually likes the soap part of taking a bath. They’d much rather shriek and play in the water than get their hair washed.

So Cozy Swim

The first thing I noticed about the SoCozy Swim 3in1 is the texture and color. It is much thicker and darker than I anticipated. As soon as I started washing the boys, I knew I was sold on this product. It lathered really well, plus it smelled amazing! I stopped mid-washing to read the back to see what exactly made it smell so wonderful. When I read the label I was pleasantly surprised to see ingredients like green tea, acai, and goji berry.

After an extended time playing in the bath, it’s time to put on some fresh pjs and go to bed.  Because the boys have air conditioning in their room, I tend to take a bit longer to put them to bed. I need just a few more minutes of coolness before I have to return to the heat.

I ask my husband to turn the fan on in the bedroom and the power goes out. One more trip to the breaker box.

I cool myself off by taking as cold of a shower as I can stand. After which, I decided to try the Swim Leave-In Treatment + Detangler for myself. The scent makes me smile because it smells so much like a tropical summer vacation. I end the day by pulling my hair back with one of the France Luxe hair things, washing my face with a new cleanser, and applying a luxurious anti-aging skin cream, both by 37 Activities. Then I fall into bed and hope for a nice breeze.

37 Activities Cleanser and Cream


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