A Simple 5 Step Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

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So you just realized you have combination skin. Now you have to figure out how to keep your t-zone from getting oily while keeping your cheeks hydrated.

You might be wondering if it is even possible.

We totally understand that having combination skin can be a bit overwhelming. If you are confused about what you need in your skincare routine, don’t worry, we got you. To help you out, we put together a super simple skincare routine for combination skin.

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Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

When you have combination skin, you’re oily in some places and dry in others. Thankfully, you don’t need two different routines and two sets of products. You just need to pick products that perform for both skin types.


If you have combination skin, you want to make sure you have a face wash that will help control the oil but does not strip the skin. Squeaky clean skin is not a good thing.

In the morning, use your cleanser to remove any dirt, oils, or overnight treatments.

Before going to bed, you’ll want to make sure you wash your face again. If you wear makeup, you will need a cleanser that will remove all of it.

For light makeup, use micellar water and then follow with a traditional cleanse. If you wear a full face of makeup, opt for a cleansing balm.

After washing, gently dry the skin.


It can be tempting to use toner to strip your skin of every bit of oil, but this would be a mistake. Stripping your skin of oil will only make your skin oilier.

Ideally, you would have two toners in your skincare routine. A gentler toner that hydrates and soothes and an exfoliating toner.

Use cotton rounds to apply toner to the face after washing the skin. Allow the toner to sink in before moving to the next step.


Think of the serum as the workhorse of your skincare routine. You really want to pick a serum that targets specific issues for your skin, since serums are full of active ingredients.

If you are acne-prone, a serum to help with congestion would be a good choice. You could also pick a serum that will help fade any acne scars or dark spots if you have them.


Combination skin needs a good moisturizer to help balance the skin. You don’t need an oil-free option but you will want to pick a lightweight formula.

For skin on the oilier side, opt for a gel moisturizer or water cream.

If you find that your skin is drier, a nice cream moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated.


Layering on SPF after your moisturizer might seem like the last thing you want to do, but you need to do it. Skin cancer and sun damage are both real.

The key to not feeling greasy after applying SPF is to pick the right formula. Look for lightweight formulas or pick a sunscreen that is mattifying.


In addition to the basic skincare routine for combination skin, it is nice to have a few extras products on hand to tackle problems that pop up.

If you have problems with acne, pick up a mask that draws out impurities. It can be used as both a mask and a spot treatment.

Once your acne is healed, a resurfacing treatment will help to fade any acne marks left behind.

If your skin is feeling parched in the morning, use an overnight mask as needed for added hydration.

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