The Best Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

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In case you missed my first post in the skincare for your skin type series, I know how hard it can be to find recommendations for my skin type. I want to make sure you don’t have the same problem so I am putting together guides for a variety of skin types. If you don’t have oily, skin you can check out my recommendations for normal skin and dry skin

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If you have oily skin, you want to make sure you have a face wash that will help control the oil but does not strip the skin. A face wash that leaves you feeling squeaky clean may actually cause your face to produce more oils.

In the morning, use your cleanser to remove any dirt, oils, or overnight treatments.

If you wear makeup regularly, you may want to consider doing a double cleanse. If you do a double cleanse, you want to start with the oil based cleanser to remove any makeup you are wearing. After the first cleanser, you will follow with a second cleanser to really get the face clean. If you are not into the double cleanse, just make sure your cleanser is removing all of your makeup.

try one of these: oil cleanser  // foam cleanser // cream cleanser


I’m going to let you in on a secret. You don’t HAVE to use a toner. But if you want to use one, you can tackle a different number of skin issues with the simple swipe of a cotton round.

consider these: shrink pores and control oil // cotton rounds // exfoliating toner


This is another step that some people consider extra. I actually use an essence regularly. While typically a thinner consistency than a serum, essences can pack a lot of punch because they are filled with active ingredients. The thin water like texture helps it sink into the skin.

super expensive essence // more affordable alternative


You really want to pick a serum that targets specific issues for your skin, since the serum is a workhorse. Typically oily skin is not as sensitive as other skin types, meaning you can use some powerful ingredients without destroying your skin.

You could use a Vitamin C product to help fade dark spots and discolorations (read acne scars). Or you could pick a serum to help with skin congestion.

oily skin favorites: radiance serum // niacinamide serum


Did you know that even oily skin can get dehydrated? Even if you don’t have dehydrated skin, your face still needs some moisture. Stripping your face of all it’s natural oils and then not putting a moisturizer on is going to make your skin angry. Try to find a lightweight water or gel based moisturizer, bonus points if it has SPF already in it.

best moisturizers for oily skin: affordable with SPF// oil controlling moisturizer


It can be hard to slather yourself in SPF when you already feel oily. However, skin cancer and sun damage are real. You can skin a separate SPF if your moisturizer or makeup has SPF included.

top SPF for oily skin: mattifying and clean

Face Masks

Obviously, face masks aren’t part of a daily routine, but they should be done regularly to help combat different skin issues. For oily skin, look for masks that help with blemish and oil control.

masks for oily skin: cult classic clay mask // fade acne scars

This post completes my series on Skin Care For Your Skin Type. A lot of time and love went into this series. I wanted to make sure to only recommend the absolute best products. Should you need more direction, please feel free to leave a comment.


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    Lauren hoyns said:

    Hi there, (I am new so I don’t know if you’ve addressed this), but what is the order you should be using these products and how many times per day would you say?

    • 5.15.19
      hcuperus said:

      I do have an additional post about the correct order to apply your skincare products. I would suggest doing them in the order they are listed in the post. I would also do this twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. Obviously, you don’t need the SPF at night.

  2. 6.9.19
    JannatUl hur said:

    Hello Dear,
    I’m new here and your post is absolutely amazing. But I couldn’t find your post about the order of using product. Can you please give me the link here?

  3. 9.2.19
    Neora said:

    Thanks for this brilliant pieces of advice. I’ll try to implement them into my life.