Sit Back and Relax

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We have made it to the end week 2 (Day 14) of the 31 Days To A Happier You Challenge. Yesterday we worked on our outside in order to gain a bit of confidence. Before that we decided to start trying new things. Today we are going to mix things up again. We are just going to sit back and relax for a little bit.

sit back and relax

I know there are a million and one things you think you absolutely have to get done today. But do you really? Will the world end if you don’t do all of the laundry today? So you need clean clothes for school drop off.. .Then maybe clean one bathroom today and the other tomorrow?  Do we really have to fill our days with nonstop productivity?

We rush and rush everyday. We feel the need to make all the days, the hours, the minutes, and all of the seconds into something productive. But sometimes we need to resist the pressure of more. Sometimes we just need to be.

Typically, on a day like today, I do a lot. I am one of those people who runs around like hamster on a wheel. I know first hand the pressures of doing more, being more. But today we are going to say NO to those pressure. Today we are going to take some time to sit back and relax. We are going to give ourselves permission to say no thank you to  at least one responsibility for the day.  So go ahead put your comfy clothes on, grab yourself something to drink, and put on your favorite movie or tv show.

I’ll be over here in my Old Navy leggings, playing on Pinterest, while drinking iced tea, and listening to Gossip Girl in the background.

Your task for today is to do nothing and enjoy it!

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