Simple Swaps For A Healthier You

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This year is all about wellness. For me and my husband, that means making smart swaps and healthy choices throughout the day. Because these swaps are simple, you don’t have to feel like you are giving up anything. Plus all of these healthy choices really add up to make a big difference.

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I love to start my day with a nice breakfast and of course tons and tons of coffee. Problem is if you are adding flavored syrups or fancy creamers to your coffee, you are adding a ton of calories and added sugar. If you need the sweetness in your coffee, then reach for Splenda Naturals instead. Why Splenda Naturals? Splenda Naturals Stevia is a great tasting 100% natural stevia product. There is no aftertaste, nothing artificial, and ZERO calories.

My husband has been using these Optimum Nutrition products for a while now. Since he is a pro at all things protein, he’s been helping me with making protein drinks from the Gold Standard Whey as a post workout pick me up. I was drinking bottled protein drinks but they were full of added sugar. The Gold Standard Whey has 24 grams of protein, only 120 calories, and 2 grams of sugar (some flavors have even less).

In the afternoon, instead of pouring that third cup of coffee, mix up a glass of  Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy. With this you get caffeine from natural sources for energy and focus support. Plus each serving is only 5 calories with 0 grams of sugar.

When not at home it can be tempting to pick up fast food or a coffee drink, when you get hungry. Instead of something from the drive thru, grab a. Optimum Nutrition Protein Crisp. I like to make sure I have one in my purse , so I have one on hand in case I get sluggish. Each bar has 20 grams of protein and a unique, crispy texture.

*Please make sure to enjoy responsibly* On the weekends, after the kids are in bed, my husband enjoys having an adult beverage while he watches television or plays a video game.

If you opt to have a beer, select Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold. It is a is a light lager, made from organic grains, triple filtered and brewed free of artificial colors and flavors. It has only 2.5 carbs and 85 calories.

All of your simple swaps like Splenda Naturals, Optimum Nutrition, and Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold can be found at your local Walmart.

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