September Recap and Favorites

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I really love this time of year.  What I don’t love is how fast time is going. I can’t believe that September is almost over.  Time just needs to slow down.

Now on to this month’s recap. Here are the top posts for the month:

6 Fall and Winter Wardrobe Essentials | This blog post is all about the must have items.
Building A Capsule Wardrobe | Capsule wardrobes are all the rage. Learn about them in my post.
Why Everyone Is Talking About Halo Top | Read about the ice cream that is healthy and tastes good.
Zero Sum Budgeting | Having a budget is important, this posts is about the zero sum method.

I really love Instagram and I am lucky to follow some really great ladies. This month my favorites are all coming from their blogs.

Fall Statement Lip from Tiffany Ching-Bean | This is a great roundup post of lip colors.
Sibling Style : Halloween Pajama from Life With Henry and Evie | This post is a great roundup of cute pajamas for the kiddos.
How To Survive A Week Indoors With Toddlers | A great real life post about life with toddlers.
When Motherhood Gets Messy from Sparrows and Lily | This Christian mama gives good advice on handling the hard days of motherhood.
5 Minute DIY Flower Arrangement from Darling Darleen | I want to learn flower arranging and this is a great start.

Want to see some more favorites fro my fellow bloggers? Check out this link party.

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