Hello September: A Letter From The Editor

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We had a wonderful summer full of trips, park visits, and plenty of pool time. As a certified Type A overachiever, the break from work was hard but much needed. Now that summer is ending and school is in session, it is time to shift our focus.

Our theme for September is Resurgence. For us, fall has always been a time of beginnings, not endings. New classes, new activities, new schedules, and new friends are all beautiful beginnings that come in September.

september new friendships

Here at Feisty Life Media, a period of resurgence means many late nights working and an increase in project deadlines. However, it also means trying new things and taking some time for fun.

Speaking of fun and trying new things, our September Living checklist is live. There you can find a list of activities to ensure you make the most of the next 30 days. We will be documenting how we live our best life in September and then sharing on Instagram stories.

This month we will be sharing all of the latest and greatest in clean beauty. We will all expand our hearts and minds with a fall reading list. Plus we will prepare for the cooler temperatures with fall fashion picks.

september reading

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