Exploring Seabrook Washington

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For a recent family trip to Washington, I booked a stay in Seabrook, Washington. Overall, we had a nice stay.

However, I would have appreciated seeing a more detailed review or two, before booking. Since reviews are few and far between, I am posting one myself. Hopefully, you will find this Seabrook Washington post useful.

About Seabrook

Exploring Seabrook Washington
Town Hall

The town of Seabrook was first founded in 2004 by Casey and Laura Roloff. Inspired by Seaside, Florida, the town of Seabrook was built with a foundation of new urbanism design.

New Urbanism is a planning and development approach based on the principles of walkable blocks and streets, housing and shopping in close proximity, and accessible public spaces

Since it was founded, Seabrook has grown to include over 450 homes, numerous merchants, parks, a Town Hall, and a Montessori-inspired school.

The Accommodations

Capeside Cottage in Seabrook WA

All of the accommodations in the town are vacation rental properties that you book through the Seabrook website.

Finding a property to stay at can feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many houses to go through. Each house is individually owned and operated. Rates also vary from house to house.

When we booked, we knew we wanted 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We also wanted a house that was centrally located. Pro tip: You can zoom in on the house location map to see which street the house is located on before booking. I didn’t realize this when I booked. I could have saved myself a major headache had I just Zoomed the map in.

Also, there is construction everywhere. They don’t start early or work late so it should not impact your sleeping. But if you need a super quiet place to work while on the trip, know that there is construction noise throughout the area. We stayed in the Lily Park area so the construction noise was pretty minimal but not nonexistent. I had a morning Zoom call and I had no problems with the noise.

The Food

Before leaving on our trip, I looked at the menus of every restaurant in town. I am so glad I did. First, there is not a lot of selection. The town is small and only has a handful of places to eat. Of the places that are available, most of the menus didn’t work for our family. Second, since all of the restaurants are nicer, the prices are higher.

Knowing these things, we opted to cook most of our meals in the house. We did end up going to two different restaurants during our stay.

Frontager’s Pizza Co.

Frontager's Pizza Co
Frotager’s Pizza Co.
Frontager's Pizza Co
Frontager’s Pizza Co

If there is one thing my kids will always eat, it is pizza. So I was relieved to see there was a pizza place in town. We went on a Friday afternoon and were able to get a table right away. If you go during the weekend, you might not be so lucky. There are only a handful of tables inside the restaurant, with most of the tables being outside. If you go during the summer or on a non-rainy day, eating outside would be a nice option.

The menu stated that the pizzas were 12inches, so we ordered 3 pizzas for our family of five. One pepperoni for the kids to share, a special sausage pizza for me and my mom, and another sausage pizza for my husband. Two pizzas would have been sufficient, but I wanted to bring leftovers back to the house.

Overall, we were impressed with Frontager’s Pizza. It was the most affordable place to eat in the area and the food was good. However, the service wasn’t great and the drinks were pricey.

Rising Tide Tavern

Rising Tide Tavern Food
Rising Tide Tavern

We had planned on getting chicken from the chicken truck after swimming, but once I saw the prices I changed my mind. Instead, my mother made pancakes for the kids and my husband and I had a nice lunch at Rising Tide Tavern.

Rising Tide has two different dining areas. The largest area is a typical dining area with lots of tables. The other, smaller area is the tavern. Since it was just me and my husband, we opted for the smaller more casual tavern area. This was a very good choice.

If you decided to dine at The Rising Tide Tavern, you have to order the Fish & Chips. They were so good!

Another thing we liked about the tavern area was the service. The bartender and the server were super friendly.

Things To Do In Seabrook Washington

To get the most out of a trip, I would suggest visiting between late June and late September. During the summer you will have warm weather and no rain.

We intentionally booked our trip for October. I really wanted to get a feel for the town when it wasn’t packed with tourists. The kids also had two days off from school during the month, making it the perfect time for a family adventure.

That being said, the weather in October can be hit or miss. Usually, it is the start of the long rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest. We knew rain was likely so we planned to swim at the indoor pool, do puzzles, and play board games.

Seabrook Activities

Trek down to the beach: Unfortunately, we were not able to go down to the beach. Getting to the beach is not a cute, short walk. Since Seabrook is built on top of a small cliff, you need to walk down quite a few stairs to get to the beach. Plus, if you plan on staying for a bit it means bringing all of your stuff down with you. If you have people with limited mobility with you or little kids that need to potty frequently, you might want to skip this. We had both so the beach was a no-go during our trip.

Go to the spa: If you have time and want to pamper yourself, check out the spa. Pampering myself was just not on the agenda during our family trip. But if you are here for an anniversary or a girls’ trip it would be the perfect thing to add to your itinerary.

Visit the shops: There are cute stores in the town center area. Our family loved the candy store, the bookstore, and the toy store.

Ride bicycles: Seabrook is the perfect place to bring your bicycle or scooter. Even when it was raining, we saw several families bicycling through town. Check your rental listing to see if your house has bikes for you to borrow. If your house doesn’t have bikes available and you don’t want to bring your own, you can also rent bikes at Buck’s NW.

Head to the park: There are several parks sprinkled throughout the town. Some are just small patches of grass with a picnic table, but others have play structures and courts.

Go clamming: If you like to get your hands dirty and you visit during the fall and winter, you can dig for razor clams. Make sure to grab a license while in town and reserve a clam gun at Buck’s.

Water activities: If you want to be out on the water, rent a kayak from Buck’s. There are even guided tours and lessons you can book if that is your thing.

Visit the Olympic National Park: If you have the time, you can make the drive out to Olympic National Park. Olympic National Park is about an hour north of Seabrook. It would be a great day trip for those that love to hike.

Pros & Cons of Seabrook

I know this post has a ton of information so I will try to sum things up with a concise pros and cons list for you.


  • There are plenty of house options.
  • The town is super quaint and safe.
  • There are a ton of outdoor recreational activities


  • Individuals with mobility issues may find it hard to get around Seabrook.
  • Dining options are limited and expensive.

Answering Your Questions About Seabrook

Watch My Seabrook Washington Vlog

If you want a more personal look into our trip, watch my vlog.

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