Sandals Under $100 To Buy This Year

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Summer’s calling, and those boots gotta go! It’s time to trade them in for stylish sandals that are kind to your wallet. We all love a cute pair of sandals, but finding them for under $100 feels like a major win.

This post is your ultimate guide to rocking sandal season on a budget. We’ll explore a variety of sandals, from classic styles like flip-flops and slides to more elevated options. You’ll find something perfect for any outfit, all without breaking the bank.

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sandals under 100

Sandals Under $50

Sandals Under $100

Picking the Right Sandals for Your Summer Style

Summer is all about expressing yourself, and your sandals can be a big part of that! Here’s how to find a pair that reflects your personal style and keeps your feet happy all season long.

  • Embrace breezy days and effortless style with slide sandals or strappy sandals with a low heel. These versatile options pair perfectly with a variety of summer staples, from breezy shorts and sundresses to flowy pants.
  • Channel your inner free spirit with gladiator sandals or embellished flats that add a touch of whimsy to your look. These styles create a wonderfully bohemian aesthetic when paired with maxi dresses, skirts, or flowy jumpsuits.
  • Conquer the city streets in style and comfort with wedges or platform sandals. These options add a touch of height without sacrificing walkability, making them perfect for exploring the city.

While style is important, here are some additional things to consider when buying sandals:

  • Leather sandals are classic and durable, while fabric options offer breathability. Water-resistant materials are great for poolside lounging or beach days.
  • Flats are always comfortable, but a slight wedge or platform can add a touch of height without sacrificing comfort. Opt for a heel under 2 inches for all-day wearability.
  • Good arch support can make a world of difference, especially for long walks or days spent on your feet. 

Final Thoughts

This post armed you with everything you need to find amazing sandals under $100. We explored styles for every vibe, from beach days to city strolls. So ditch the boots, embrace the sunshine, and step into summer with a killer pair of sandals that match your unique style.

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