Be Happier By Becoming A Bookworm

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If you are reading this series on 31 Days To A Happier You, you will be glad to know that not only will the assigned tasks make you happier, but the actual reading of these posts will too!

It probably isn’t a secret, but I love to read. So when I found out that reading can make you happier, I was pretty pumped. If you are an avid reader you are probably already aware of how awesome a good book makes you feel. For those of you that needs a bit of convincing here are some ways that reading can make you happier.

reading and happiness

You Can Travel Without Going Anywhere

Hello Eat, Pray Love! I felt like I was with Elizabeth Gilbert while she travelled the world in order to find herself.

It Reduces Stress

In a study conducted by the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Research, 38 percent  of the people surveyed said a book is their favorite way to relax and reduce stress.

Reading Can Help You Sleep Better

Reading helps to reduce stress. And less stress helps you sleep better.

Improves Empathy 

Want to know more about how reading can improve empathy? Read this post from Scientific American.

It Can help You be More Open Minded

Banned books are banned for a reason. Here is why you should read them anyway.

Your task: Make time in your day to read for at least six minutes every day (that’s how long you need to read to see the benefits). Make a list of books, magazines, blogs, and newspapers that you want to read. Now go download some books to your Kindle or iPad, go to the library, pick up some magazines, buy a newspaper or visit your own bookshelf. Need some ideas for books to read? Check out my list of must-read self-help/ inspirational books.


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