Dream Big: Why Having a Bucket List is Important

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Have you ever heard of a bucket list? It’s a list of experiences or achievements that a person wants to accomplish during their lifetime. From traveling to exotic locations to learning a new skill, a bucket list can help you create a roadmap for your life. While it may seem daunting to create such a list, there are many benefits to doing so. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of having a bucket list and why it’s important to set goals for ourselves.

Misconceptions About Bucket Lists

There are some misconceptions out there about bucket lists that need to be cleared up. First off, a bucket list isn’t just for old people who are looking to check off their final wishes before they kick the bucket. Anyone can create a bucket list and use it as a tool to set goals and make the most out of their lives. Secondly, don’t be fooled into thinking that a bucket list has to be filled with expensive or elaborate items. It can be as simple or as crazy as you want it to be. Whether you want to climb a mountain or try a new cuisine, your bucket list should reflect your unique desires and aspirations. So, don’t let these misconceptions stop you from creating your own bucket list and making your dreams a reality!

Benefits of Creating a Bucket List

Benefits of Creating a Bucket List

Learn What You Want In Life

The process of writing a bucket list forces you to take a close look at what it is you truly desire, to analyze where you are and where you want to be. It is going to help guide you when making decisions and help you leave behind things that aren’t going to get you to your goals.

Happy In Anticipation

When you are trudging along from day to day, it can be difficult to get excited about anything. A bucket list gives you something to look forward to, especially if you are actively working toward achieving your bucket list items (which clearly you should be).

You’ll Be Proud

How awesome will it feel when you cross an item off your bucket list!?! I think it is going to feel extra super amazing. While instant gratification can feel nice, working hard and achieving long-term goals/dream is even better.

You’ll Learn To Dream Bigger

Once you have crossed off an item or two from your bucket list, you will see how capable you really are to do anything you want. You’ll be renewed and revived. And your next bucket list items will have you reaching for the stars!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having a bucket list can be a powerful tool to help you live your best life. By setting goals, staying motivated, and prioritizing what’s important, a bucket list can bring excitement and adventure into your life while also providing a sense of accomplishment. Despite some common misconceptions, anyone can create a bucket list, and it can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. So why not take the time to create your own bucket list and start making your dreams a reality? Whether it’s traveling to a new country or learning a new skill, a bucket list can help you live a more fulfilling and satisfying life. So go ahead, dream big, reach for the stars, and start crossing off those items on your list!


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  1. 10.10.18
    Toni said:

    I love bucket lists! They help keep me focused on the things I want to do! You are right that it is super rewarding to check them off!

  2. 10.11.18
    Shari said:

    I love having a bucket list. My husband and I also have a co-bucket list of things we want to do as a couple. Most of them are places we would like to visit.

    • 10.11.18
      hcuperus said:

      That is such a great idea! Creating a shared bucket list would be a great relationship building exercise.

  3. 10.11.18
    Sarah said:

    Focusing on our dreams is a good way to be happy.