Pretty Jewelry You’ll Love To Wear Every Day

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Can we talk about jewelry for a minute?

We love love love jewelry. But despite all the love, our collections are a bit underwhelming. Sure there are a few fun statement pieces for going out, like chunky necklaces, and funky earrings. But when it comes to staple pieces that are great for every day, our options were lacking.

So we decided to search the entire internet for the best and prettiest jewelry pieces that you’ll love to wear every single day.

Before Shopping for Jewelry

Before you begin shopping, there are a few things you need to first.

Start by looking through your current collection. Take note of what you already own. Donate or sell pieces that you don’t like or no longer use. Fix jewelry that needs repair. Clean any jewelry that needs to be cleaned.

Next decide what metals you want in your collection. Are you more into silver jewelry or do like gold?

Finally, decide how much you can spend. We recommend investing in classic pieces you can wear every day while spending less on jewelry that is trendier.


If we could pick only one piece of jewelry to wear, it would be earrings. We love that they are easy to wear and they add a bit of polish to any look. If you want to look like put together for your zoom calls, put on a bit of makeup and a pair of earrings.

Hoop Earrings

Heart Made of Gold Earrings

Etsy | Heart Made of Gold

We love these simple gold hoops. The 25mm size means the hoops are just the right size for every day wear. Large enough to be seen but not too big to distract.

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Drop Earrings

Daisy London Jewelry Earrings

Daisy London

Everything from Daisy London is lovely, but we are especially fond of the pieces designed by Estée Lalonde. But if could only pick one pair, it would be these Rising Sun Charm Earrings.

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Stud Earrings

Baguette Studs from Etsy

Etsy | Kindling & Co.

Step up your stud game by picking up a pair of these baguette studs. We love that they are a bit different from the typical gemstone stud but still classic enough to pair well with any outfit.

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Big chunky statement necklaces, layering necklaces, and chains can all be tons of fun to buy. But if they never leave your jewelry box, they are just a waste of money. Also, before buying a necklace think about the necklines of your favorite tops. You’ll want to buy different styles of necklaces to go with the different necklines you wear often.

Layering Necklace

Missoma London Necklace


If you are looking for a one stop place to buy jewelry, you need to check out Missoma. We love this double chain that is perfect as a base for any layered look.

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Locket or Pendant

Gorjana Locket


We love the whimsical vibe that comes with a locket, but any pendant will do. Pick a pendant that will layer well with other necklaces or worn alone.

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If we are going to be honest, we aren’t much for bracelets. At work, they get in the way of typing so we end up taking them off. But for those of you that love a good bracelet here are a couple we recommend.

Chain Link Bracelet

Baublebar Chain Bracelet


A pretty chain bracelet can be worn alone or as part of a stack. We love the mariner chain link because it adds a bit of interest but isn’t too chunky.

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Coin Bracelet

Coin Bracelet


We love the idea of a charm bracelet, but find the dangling charms to be cumbersome. Instead we would opt for something like this coin bracelet.

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If you have ever stalked our editor’s Pinterest account, you might notice an obsession with rings. Delicate, diamond, or statement rings; it doesn’t matter she loves them all. Don’t worry. We will be showing some restraint and only recommending our favorite styles.

Simple Stack

Ring from Hannah Naomi Jewelry

Etsy | Hannah Naomi

This pretty minimalist ring stack is perfect for everyday. Wear them together as a big stack or wear on multiple fingers.

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Gemstone Ring

Local Eclectic Jewelry

Local Eclectic

We love love love the curated collection of jewelry offered at Local Eclectic. While we wouldn’t say no to anything on their site, we love the classic opal and CZ pairing in this ring.

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