7 Easy Things To Do On Sunday To Prepare For The Week

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Want to have a successful week? Then read this list of seven things to do on Sunday to prepare for the week.

I don’t know about you but I used to not like Mondays. The only thing worse than Monday morning is a bad Monday.

You know one of those where everything goes wrong. You forgot to set your alarm or you don’t have anything to wear for your meeting…

But I don’t want bad days or bad weeks. So in my extremely nerdy detailed oriented way, I set about figuring out how to best prepare for the week.

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prepare for the week

How To Use This List

Even if you can’t do all 7 of the things on this list, doing 1 or 2 will make a dramatic difference. Better yet, use this list to inspire you to make your own. The person that knows what will work best for you, is you!

Let’s Prepare For The Week

I opt to do these 7 things on Sunday, but if you have a non-traditional work week or if you observe a Sabbath day, pick a day that works best for you.

1.Update Your To-Do List

If you are not a list-lover like me, you still need to make a list of everything you need to do. Making a list will not only ensure you don’t forget anything but it will make you aware of how much you have to do.

After compiling your to-do list, you might see that you have overbooked yourself. If you have overbooked yourself for the week or even on just one day, see what you can reschedule or cut.

2.Take A Look At Your Budget

Take A Look At Your Budget

If you haven’t made a budget for yourself or your family, I really strongly suggest it. If you don’t feel like setting a budget is for you, that’s fine. But I’m guessing you like having electricity and internet, so please at least check out how much money you have in the bank and make at least a rough plan of how much money you think you will spend for the week.

On Sunday I look at our balance and make sure our spending is still on track for the month. I go through and look at the bills that will be paid that week as well as factor in weekly purchases that we usually have.

3.Check The Weather

I know this sounds kind of weird but just trust me. I schedule a lot of my life around the weather from the days I go shopping to the meal I will cook that day. 

For example, I would much rather go to the store with the boys on a day it is only sprinkling versus on a day it is pouring. Or since we don’t have air conditioning, I won’t make a dinner that requires turning the oven on when it is 95 degrees outside.

Unlike me, you probably leave the house on an almost daily basis. By checking the weather for the week, you can make sure you are appropriately dressed for the day.

Knowing the weather can also help you when you schedule your exercise. If you usually walk at lunch on Wednesday, you might want to know if it is going to rain that day or be 100 million degrees outside. Maybe it will be cooler on Thursday.

4.Wash Your Sheets

Wash Your Sheets

I had been having some issues with sleep so I found myself wanting to spend the weekends napping instead of being productive.

However, I won’t sleep on a bed if it doesn’t have sheets. So if I strip the sheets off the bed and throw them in the wash, I am forcing myself to get some work done. Plus you know, clean sheets. It’s a win-win.

Nap person or not, busy or not, you need clean sheets. It’s a hygiene thing, but it is also just so nice to sleep on a nice clean bed.

5. Take Time For Self Care

If you have been around here for a minute, you know I am big on self-care. Despite the fact that it is important, I know that it can be hard to take time for yourself.

Look at it this way; you can’t have a great week if you start it already running on fumes.

Self-care doesn’t have to be just about doing a sheet mask and reading a magazine. Spa days are a great way to practice self-care, but so is meditation. Or reading a book. Or exercising.

Find whatever works for you so you can go into the week feeling like you can move mountains.

6.Make Time For Friends and Family

Friends and Family

When you are goal-driven, or work a lot, or live by yourself; it can be easy to go long periods of time without interacting with another human being that you like. Annoying coworkers do not count as good human interaction.

Even if you are introverted, you need to make sure you have an enjoyable interaction with another human being. 

You know human interaction is important but how does this help you for the week ahead? Well, because being lonely can be depressing. and being depressed makes it hard to have an awesome week.

7.Go To Bed On Time

One of the best ways to prepare for the upcoming week is to get enough rest. Rest is vital to your ability to think clearly and make good decisions. It is also pretty important for your overall health. You can’t have a great Monday if you wake up feeling tired or sick.

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  1. 7.22.18
    Julie said:

    This is great advice. Getting set up for the week on Sunday really starts everything off right and keeps surprises from happening.

  2. 7.22.18
    Jennifer said:

    This is an excellent list ! Thank u !

  3. 7.23.18

    Great list. I when it’s school time, I usually spend Sunday afternoon making a week of lunches for the kids. This takes a load off me for the rest of the week as well.

    And I concur with the sheets. Sunday has been sheet day at our house for a while now!

  4. 7.23.18
    Toni said:

    This is exactly what I need to be doing on Sundays! Thanks for the motivation! Here’s to no more bad Mondays!

  5. 7.28.18
    Sarah said:

    It’s so important to just go into the week ready I do love that you add wash your sheets.

  6. 7.30.18
    Lizzie said:

    Yes! On Sunday I go through my bullet journal to find tasks that need to be moved forward to the week ahead and set up my Monday to-do list. Sunday is definitely a friends and family day around here – we host a Sangria Sunday open house most Sunday’s through the summer.

  7. 8.6.18
    Tricia said:

    I’m writing all of these things down and going to try them next Sunday. One thing I’ll add (since Monday mornings seem so hectic in my house) is making lunches for the kids. On Sunday.

  8. 1.19.22
    Carson Felarca said:

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this postwas good. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if youaren’t already 😉 Cheers!