What I’ve Been Loving This November

Things have been so crazy around home lately. Blog life, family life, you know all of the things….have kept me super busy. Has it been super crazy for you too? October was so busy that I didn’t even have time to think about my favorites.  I was super sick most of October which was no fun either. I took some things off my calendar in November so I could have a little bit of a mental break/ self care day.

I got my eyebrows done in November which shouldn’t be a big deal, but for me it is something to celebrate. I don’t often get time to do something so unnecessary with my time. I do need to find a new place to go to though. I’ve been going to Brow Betty by my house but every time I go there are different people working. I like to have the same person do my brows. I’m tired of finding someone I like for them not to work there anymore. End rant.

That same day, I also went to Sephora to pick up a few new goodies to test out. It was a sale and I do product testing for this blog so it was absolutely necessary. While there, I picked up a Fenty liquid lip that I need to return, a foot peel, and a mini eyeshadow palette. The weekend before, I picked up the Sultry palette, which I have mixed feelings about. If you follow me on IG, you probably saw all of my stories sharing what I picked up and my first impressions. My favorite purchase was actually an impulse purchase on the way to the checkout. Normally I plan exactly what I am going to buy, but the Natasha Denona Mini Star Palette just caught my eye. I am so glad I bought it. Yes $25 for a few shades is a lot but I am really digging the colors and the formula. I won’t be shelling out $129 for a full-sized palette anytime soon though.

I also stopped by an Aveda salon to restock on my all time favorite shampoo. Like why do I even try different shampoo? I always go back to the Black Malva shampoo because it helps reduce red tones in my brown hair. I’ve been wanting to mix things up with my hair (like blonde balayage) but I just don’t have the time or the money for the upkeep. So for now, I am all about the cool toned brunette hair.

Since I stay up late at night working on blog stuff, I need something to keep me awake. I really don’t watch a lot of TV. Most of the time I play reruns of old shows like Gossip Girl or Friends. But I have really been loving Single Parents. It is fun to Leighton Meester in a different role and the show is super relatable. For YouTube, I have been watching everything on The Bite Shot. It’s a channel all about food photography. Even if you don’t shoot food, a lot of what she teaches can be used if you photograph other items. As for podcasts, I have been devouring tons of them. I think my favorite has been the one from Amy Porterfield. It’s a business/marketing podcast so it might not be your thing if you are not an entrepreneur.

We had a fairly good Thanksgiving but nothing overly remarkable. We celebrate a birthday in December plus there is Christmas so I think December is going to be pretty busy too.

On the blog, my favorite post was 3 Things To Do Now To Stop Stressing About Money. I am super excited to write more about finance and money in the future too.

Leave me a comment with your favorite thing from November. It doesn’t have to be something you bought but it could also be a favorite moment or day from the month. I’d really love to hear how your November went.

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