Are Nécessaire Products Worth the Splurge? A Full Review

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While casually scrolling through my Instagram feed, I stumbled upon a stunning bathroom scene that instantly caught my eye. The bottles exuded an elegant minimalist vibe, and the accompanying caption promised to transform my skin into a state of silky smoothness. With irresistible scents like eucalyptus and sandalwood, Nécessaire had me intrigued. I couldn’t resist.

If you’ve also come across the captivating Instagram ad or heard influencers gushing about Nécessaire, you’re probably here wondering if it’s truly worth the investment.

In this Nécessaire review, I’m diving into my personal experiences with their lineup. I’ll cover what I loved, what didn’t quite hit the mark, and highlight my top picks from the brand.

About Nécessaire

Nécessaire is a relatively new but rapidly growing beauty and wellness brand that has quickly gained a loyal following. Founded in 2018 by Nick Axelrod and Randi Christiansen, the brand’s mission is to provide high-quality, effective, and sustainable body care essentials that promote overall health and well-being. The founders believe that self-care should be simple, enjoyable, and accessible to all, and have created a line of products that reflect these values.

Necessaire’s products are designed to be gender-neutral and inclusive, appealing to a wide range of consumers. The brand offers a range of body care essentials, such as body wash, lotion, and serum, all made with non-toxic, ethically sourced ingredients. Nécessaire places a strong emphasis on transparency and sustainability, with a commitment to using only high-quality, natural materials that are environmentally friendly.

My Very Honest Thoughts On Nécessaire

The reviews and opinions shared in this blog post are based on my personal experience using Nécessaire. It’s important to remember that individual experiences with these products can vary. What works well for one person may not have the same effect for another.

The Body Wash

Necessaire The Body Wash Review

The Body Wash features a non-stripping formula that helps maintain the natural balance of your skin. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, catering to various skin types, including sensitive skin. The non-comedogenic formula ensures it won’t clog pores or lead to breakouts.

Formulated with facial-grade ingredients such as marula seed oil, meadowfoam, and cacay oils, the Nécessaire Body Wash goes beyond basic cleansing. These oils naturally contain vitamins A, C, and E, as well as omegas 6 and 9. The addition of barrier-supporting niacinamide further enhances the benefits of this body wash.

My review:

I typically don’t gravitate towards heavily scented products, but I decided to give the Nécessaire eucalyptus body wash a try, hoping for an invigorating, spa-like fragrance.

Overall, I found the performance of the body wash to be somewhat underwhelming. It required more product than I would have preferred to achieve a good lather. However, once rinsed off, my skin did feel clean, and I appreciated that it didn’t leave any residue behind.

Now, let’s talk about the fragrance. I specifically chose the eucalyptus scent because I generally enjoy its aroma. Unfortunately, this particular product didn’t give me the spa-like experience I was hoping for. If I had paid closer attention to the ingredients, I would have noticed that patchouli oil was included, albeit as the last ingredient. However, it was enough to give me a lingering scent that resembled that of a Portland Hipster once I stepped out of the shower. That’s not the vibe I personally prefer. I acknowledge that this oversight was on my part, and in hindsight, I wish I had tried the unscented version instead.

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The Body Exfoliator

Necessaire The Body Exfoliator Review

The Nécessaire Body Exfoliator is a weekly multi-exfoliation treatment that promotes skin health. Formulated with a gentle combination of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHAs (beta hydroxy acid), including glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid, it effectively removes dead skin cells and revitalizes the skin’s appearance. The addition of bamboo charcoal helps leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed. With a pH-balanced formula, it is also suitable for sensitive skin, ensuring a gentle yet effective exfoliating experience.

My review:

As someone dealing with KP and texture issues, I was really excited to try out this exfoliator.

To my surprise, it turned out to be incredibly gentle despite having all those exfoliating ingredients. It didn’t give me that typical scrub-like feeling at all. If you’re expecting a hardcore scrubbing experience, the body exfoliator might not live up to your expectations. However, if you’re after a more gentle exfoliation, this product is definitely worth a try.

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The Body Serum

The Body Serum

The Nécessaire Body Serum is a fast-absorbing gel hydrating serum that brings the power of facial-grade ingredients to your body care routine. Infused with five molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, it delivers multilevel hydration to the skin. Niacinamide works to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, while ceramide NP helps prevent water loss, leaving your skin replenished and plump.

My review:

I’m absolutely in love with the concept of a body serum. After experiencing the benefits of using a serum on my face to improve my skin, it only made sense to extend that idea to my entire body.

The key to getting the most out of this serum is to apply it while your body is still slightly damp. This ensures that your skin stays incredibly hydrated. For optimal results, I recommend following up with a lotion or body oil to lock in the moisture.

Overall, the Necessaire Body Serum is decent, but I’m not convinced it’s an essential pick.

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The Body Lotion

Necessaire Lotion

The Nécessaire Body Lotion is a dedicated skincare treatment for your body. This daily moisturizing lotion is formulated with a blend of skin-loving ingredients, including 5 peptides, 2.5% Niacinamide, 5% Glycerin, and facial-grade oils that are rich in Vitamin C/E and Omega 6/9.

My review:

When I got my hands on The Nécessaire Body Lotion, I approached it with some skepticism. I had read a few negative reviews, and as someone who isn’t usually fond of lotions, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I’m happy to say that it surprised me in a positive way.

First off, I appreciate that this body lotion is unscented. Not being a fan of fragrances, it’s a relief to find a product that doesn’t have added fragrance.

One thing that stood out to me was the lotion’s texture. It has a thick consistency, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t feel overly heavy or greasy. I particularly loved how it moisturized the dry areas of my body, like my elbows, knees, legs, and ankles, without leaving any greasy residue behind.

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The Body Oil

Necessaire Body Oil Review

The Nécessaire Body Oil is a lightweight blend of five cold-pressed, vegan, and biodegradable oils (Sweet Almond, Tamanu, Hazelnut, Macadamia, and Marula). This nourishing oil leaves your body skin visibly softer and supports a healthier appearance. Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, it’s suitable for all skin types.

My review:

I recently purchased The Nécessaire Body Oil, which happens to be my first body oil ever. Normally, I would go for a scrub that has some oil in it, so trying out a standalone oil product was a bit of a change for me. I had some concerns about it feeling heavy and greasy, but I was pleased to discover that it provided a nourishing experience for my skin.

However, there is one downside, the packaging. I absolutely love the luxurious glass bottle, but I found the dropper a bit tricky to use. While I appreciate the idea of using a dropper instead of a spray, I think the mechanism could use some improvement.

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The Deodorant Gel

The Deodorant Gel is designed with a 5% concentration of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) to help regulate underarm pH and manage odor. It aims to create a more even skin tone and smoothen visible bumps in the area. The clear liquid gel has a non-sticky consistency and doesn’t leave stains. Notably, it is formulated without aluminum, baking soda, or PEGs.

My review:

Having previously tried and enjoyed a similar product from Kosas, I was keen to test out Nécessaire’s deodorant. I steered clear of the Eucalyptus fragrance and went with the fragrance-free option instead.

A standout feature for me is the deodorant’s elegant glass packaging; it looks so chic on my vanity that you wouldn’t even guess it’s a deodorant. On the other hand, the Kosas deodorant comes in a plastic squeeze tube. While I have to admit I’m partial to the fragrance of the Kosas, when it comes to packaging, Necessaire wins hands down.

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Overall Thoughts on Nécessaire

In my experience, I’ve found The Nécessaire scrub, body lotion, and body oil to be among my favorite products from the brand. While Nécessaire can be considered a splurge, it does offer a luxurious treat for those seeking high-quality skincare products. The brand’s attention to detail in ingredient selection and formulation is evident in the performance of their offerings.

As I continue to explore Nécessaire’s range, I look forward to trying out more of their products and updating this post with my findings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Nécessaire products suitable for all skin types?

A: Yes, Nécessaire formulates their products to cater to a wide range of skin types. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin, you can find Nécessaire products that address your specific skincare needs.

Q: Do Nécessaire products contain added fragrance?

A: Nécessaire offers fragrance-free options for individuals who prefer products without added fragrance.

Q: What scent profiles does Nécessaire use in their products?

Necessaire offers products in three subtle yet luxe fragrances, along with a “fragrance-free” choice:

  • Sandalwood: Creamy with a gentle hint of wood.
  • Eucalyptus: Herbaceous and invigorating.
  • Bergamot: Light citrus blended with herbal undertones.
  • Fragrance-Free: Completely unscented, suitable for sensitive skin.

Q: Where can I purchase Nécessaire?

A: Nécessaire can be purchased directly from their official website as well as select online retailers.

Q: Where does Nécessaire ship?

A: Nécessaire ships to all 50 states in the US and Puerto Rico. They also offer international shipping to Canada and the United Kingdom.

Q: Are Nécessaire products sustainable and eco-friendly?

A: Yes, Nécessaire is committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. They are Climate Neutral Certified, which means they have measured and offset their carbon footprint completely. Additionally, Nécessaire allocates 1% of all sales to support environmental non-profits that work towards protecting our air, water, land, and wildlife globally.

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