Nécessaire Review (Is It Worth The Splurge?)

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I’m scrolling on Instagram when I come across a pretty bathroom scene. I see beautiful bottles with a minimalist vibe. The caption tells me that these body care products will make my skin smooth and soft. Oh, and it comes in spa-like scents including eucalyptus and sandalwood. Okay, Nécessaire, take my money.

You probably saw the same pretty ad on Instagram. Maybe your favorite IG influencer raved about the body wash. Either way, you’re here wanting to know if Nécessaire is really worth the splurge. Well, I am here to spill the tea.

In this post, I am going to share which Nécessaire products I purchased, if I liked them, or what I would buy instead.

About Nécessaire

Necessaire is a relatively new but rapidly growing beauty and wellness brand that has quickly gained a loyal following. Founded in 2018 by Nick Axelrod and Randi Christiansen, the brand’s mission is to provide high-quality, effective, and sustainable body care essentials that promote overall health and well-being. The founders believe that self-care should be simple, enjoyable, and accessible to all, and have created a line of products that reflect these values.

Necessaire’s products are designed to be gender-neutral and inclusive, appealing to a wide range of consumers. The brand offers a range of body care essentials, such as body wash, lotion, and serum, all made with non-toxic, ethically sourced ingredients. Nécessaire places a strong emphasis on transparency and sustainability, with a commitment to using only high-quality, natural materials that are environmentally friendly.

My Very Honest Thoughts On Nécessaire

Nécessaire Body Wash Review

The Body Wash

The Necessaire body wash is currently available in three scent profiles: unscented, sandalwood, and eucalyptus. Normally I am not too big on fragrance, but I decided to try the eucalyptus body wash. I was hoping the scent would be invigorating, like when you go to the spa.

Overall, I was pretty underwhelmed by the performance of the body wash. It took a bit more product than I wanted to use to get a good lather. Once I rinsed, my skin felt nice and clean. I appreciate that it did not leave a residue.

Let’s talk about the fragrance. I picked eucalyptus because I enjoy the smell. However, this product didn’t make me smell like a spa. Had I read the ingredients closely, I would have seen that they include patchouli oil. It is the last ingredient, but it is enough that I smelt like a Portland Hipster after I go out of the shower. That’s just not the vibe I’m going for. I can’t blame Nécessaire for my oversight. I do wish I would have tried the unscented version.

Verdict: Pass on it. I’ll continue to use the Odele Clarifying Body Wash instead.

The Body Exfoliator

The Body Exfoliator

As someone that has KP and a lot of texture on my skin, I was excited to try this exfoliator. The ingredient list is packed with a bunch of really great exfoliants like pumice, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and charcoal. To balance the exfoliating properties it contains glycerin, marula oil, and mannitol to hydrate the skin.

With all of the exfoliating ingredients, I was surprised at how gentle it was on the skin. In fact, it didn’t really feel like an exfoliator at all. If you are wanting a real scrub-like feel, the body exfoliator will leave you a bit disappointed. However, if a gentle exfoliation is what you are looking for, you will enjoy this product.

Verdict: Buy it.

The Serum

The Body Serum

Unfortunately, this product has been reformulated since I ordered it. According to the website, “The Body Serum is a daily Hyaluronic Acid treatment for the skin. Now featuring 5-Molecular Weights of Hyaluronic Acid for multi-level hydration.”

Honestly, I would be more interested in this serum if it was an exfoliating serum. If I need added hydration, I would use body oil or body lotion. The old formulation wasn’t anything special, but maybe the new formula is better.

Verdict: Since the formula has changed, I don’t think it would be fair to draw any conclusions.

The Body Lotion

The Body Lotion

The Body Lotion is currently only available in an unscented version. Since I didn’t enjoy the fragrance of the other products, I appreciate that it is not part of the body lotion. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with a scented version in the future. We shall see.

I went into testing the Necessaire body lotion with a bit of bias. I am not a lotion person and I had read some negative reviews. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised. The lotion is thick but I didn’t find it too rich for the dry parts of my body like my elbows, knees, legs, and ankles. It does take a bit to rub in and it does feel like you have lotion on.

For a luxury lotion, it is priced competitively and works well. I will continue to use it, but I won’t purchase it again.

Verdict: Pass on it and buy this drugstore lotion instead.

The Body Oil

The Body Oil

This is the newest product from Nécessaire. It is a fragrance-free, cold-pressed body oil blend made with sweet almond, tamanu, hazelnut, macadamia, and marula oils.

This is the first body oil I have ever purchased. Normally, I would use a scrub that also has oil in it, instead of a stand-alone oil product. I was worried that the body oil would be too heavy and leave my skin feeling greasy. My worries were unfounded. The body oil felt nice and nourishing.

The only downside of the Necessaire body oil is the packaging. I love the luxurious glass bottle. But the dropper to dispense the product is difficult to use. I like that it is a dropper instead of a spray, but the dropper mechanism needs to be improved.

Verdict: Buy it.

Nécessaire Prices

I purchased my products directly from Nécessaire since they were running a special. I was able to get a travel set of the body products for free as long as I purchased one item. That meant I was able to try the body wash, exfoliator, serum, lotion, and body oil for $35. If I had to purchase the full size of each product, the cost would have been $115!

** Currently Sephora has a set where you can try 4 products for $45**

Overall, Nécessaire products are priced to be a splurge. However, when compared to other brands in the high-end bath/body category, their prices are pretty competitive. For example, the L’Occitane body oil is $50 and the Nécessaire oil is $40.

Overall Thoughts

Of all the products that I tried, I enjoyed The Body Exfoliator and The Body Oil the most. I also feel like they were the best value. The Body Lotion was nice, but I am not compelled to pay the full price.

I will use the rest of the exfoliator, serum, lotion, and body oil. However, I will be passing The Body Wash on to someone that will enjoy the scent.

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