Making Healthy Choices When You’re Short On Time

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Let’s be honest, making healthy choices isn’t always easy. There is just so much temptation to eat the wrong things or skip your workout. That temptation gets even harder to resit when you are short on time. But you can’t let busy get in the way of improving your health. Instead, have a plan for how you will stay on track even during busy or stressful times. Read on for 3 tips to help you make healthy choices.

heathy choice morning bowl

Use A Planner

It doesn’t matter if you use a paper planer or the calendar on your phone but achieving your goals is so much easier when you put them into your schedule.

I am huge advocate for sitting down each Sunday and scheduling things. It really helps you to prepare for the week so you have an action plan, but it also helps mentally. I’d much rather go into the week KNOWING things are going to be crazy instead of being SURPRISED and then OVERWHELMED

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Squeeze In Exercise

With work, carline, soccer practice, and other appointments, your schedule might look to full for exercise. However, you don’t need a big chunk of time to get your exercise in. If you have 15 minutes find a way to pencil in some exercise. Can’t get to the gym? Work out at home. There are tons of short workout videos available online.

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Shop Smart

I like to look at my schedule for the coming week before I meal plan. There is nothing worse than staring into the fridge wondering what you can eat in the five minutes you have available for breakfast. Because then that million calorie pastry looks very tempting. If you know you don’t have a ton of time for breakfast or lunch, plan for easy and convenient, but good for you, meals.

I highly recommend picking up some Healthy Choice Morning Bowls. My personal favorite is the Unwrapped Burrito Scramble Morning Bowl. It has turkey sausage with egg whites, black beans and veggies. All of that is on top of steel cut oats, farro, buckwheat and red quinoa with a spicy tomatillo sauce. I personally love to eat spicy food in the morning because it wakes me up. If you don’t like spicy, they have some other great options too. If you are looking for vegetarian options for lunch, I like the White Bean & Feta Salad Power Bowl. I like the unique mix of the white kidney beans and the feta cheese. They also have vegan options as well.

health choice power bowls
healthy choice power bowls

So there you have it 3 easy tips for making healthy choices when you are short on time. Hopefully these will help you with achieving your health and wellness goals this year.

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