Make Meditation Your New Happiness Habit

Hi there! Thanks for checking out today’s post from the 31 Days To A Happier You Challenge. The past few days we have been talking about different fun activities that are linked to happiness. Today we are going to shift a bit and talk about the power of meditation and why you should make it your new happiness habit.

make meditation a habit

Do you remember way back when we started this challenge, I had you rate your happiness on a scale? Did you know that scientists used to think we had a set happiness level. They thought some people were born with a predisposition towards happiness or misery. There is research that suggests that no matter how awesome or how tragic an event in your life, that you will revert to your baseline happiness level. Don’t despair, there is good news coming. New research shows that people CAN elevate their happiness baseline because the brain does continue to develop and change. One way to increase your baseline happiness is to meditate.

So what exactly does the research say about meditation? If you are curious check out this article all about the science behind meditation and happiness.

With science telling us how good meditation is for our happiness, we need to figure out how to work it into our life. Like any habit, the hardest part, is sticking with it.

Choose A Realistic Amount Of Time

When most people think about meditation they think about hours of sitting in silence. However, you can start with just 2 minutes a day. You can work your way up by using these guided meditations.

Do It First Thing

By doing your meditation in the morning, you are making sure it gets done. You can’t forget or schedule something over it. Meditation in the morning will also set you up for a successful day.

Be Consistent 

To make meditation a habit, you need to be consistent. According to Shawn Achor, it only takes 21 days to set the habit of meditation and rewire your brain.

For today, think about meditation and decide if it something you want to add to your life. Taking on a new habit isn’t something you should do lightly. Just because meditation is good for happiness, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the habit for you.

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