Little Ones Learn With Lamaze Toys

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Just like every other mom out there, I want my boys to grow up to be super smart. I am always looking for activities and toys that are fun and educational. Lamaze Toys have consistently been both. My boys have always loved their toys and I like the educational components. Lamaze Toys really are baby-loved, science proven.


Lamaze Octotunes

This cute guy has a friendly face that can’t be ignored. While the tentacles of the octopus play a note when you squeeze them. My youngest just wants to carry him around but my oldest was entertained to see that each tentacle made a slightly different noise.

From now through August 26, get a discount when you purchase Octotunes on Amazon.

Lamaze Repeat Petey and Starseeker

Stacking Starseeker

I picked this toy to help with my youngest fine motor skills. He really needs to work on stacking. Of course, the cute little monkey on the inside was his favorite and he doesn’t care that it stacks. My oldest loved taking it apart and putting it together. Not only is it helping him with his motor skills but it also helps him work on his patience!

Repeat Petey

Petey is another one that my boys have taken to carrying it around like a stuffed animal. Little hasn’t realized that it repeats yet but my oldest loves making silly noises for him to repeat.

These are just three toys from Lamaze Toys. They have so many great ones to select from on Amazon.  Whenever I need a gift for a baby or if I am attending a baby shower, Lamaze Toys always has me covered. Don’t forget you can get Octotunes the lovable and musical octopus on sale until August 26!


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