Le Tote Accessories Review

Updated 6/18/2019 Le Tote no longer offers an accessories only subscription option.

I really love jewelry but often find that I don’t wear each piece I have very often. When I found out about Le Tote, I thought it was the perfect solution.

How It Works: I go through and select jewelry to add to my closet. Le Tote then sends me three pieces. Sometimes the pieces are from my closet and sometimes the pieces are selected by the stylist. If I want to buy a piece, I keep it and send the rest back. Then the process repeats.

So far I have received two totes.

Here were the first three items I received:
I really liked the simple bangles. They were not in my closet but were a great pick by the stylist.
The necklace wasn’t of great quality and I didn’t like the length.
The earrings are a great color but were way too big for my taste.
le tote review
Recently received items:
I really liked the bracelet set but they were a bit too small. I was scared they wouldn’t come off.
The necklace I really like the most. I just need to find a way to wear it.
The earrings were way too big for my liking. I suppose if I had a nice place to go, but for work, they are just too big.
le tote
Positives: Tons of selection and pretty good prices.
Cons: No measurements on length. There is no way to tell how big an earring is or how long a necklace is going to be. Also some, but not all,  of the items, were not of good quality.
Overall: I put my Le Tote account on hold. I want to see if they improve before canceling my account entirely.  I really want to know how big the jewelry is because I don’t really like to do big jewelry.
Update 04/07/2016: I have cancelled my subscription to this service. I found that I am really not needing accessories as much as I thought.

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