Glamorous Summer Shopping Guide

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After having a baby, I have being feeling pretty blah. As a remedy, I am trying to amp up my glam factor. When I want to feel glamorous I turn to pretty jewelry, luxurious bags, and flawless makeup. This month’s guide is all about having a glamorous summer.

I have a serious problem when it comes to designer bags. I already have this really great Kate Spade bag (1). I love to wear it when I am going out to a nice dinner in Portland. While I enjoy Kate Spade, I typically buy Coach purses because we have an outlet not far from my house. If Coach is your favorite, then this bag might be more your thing. Glam doesn’t always have to cost a fortune, this bag is a great budget find.

Nothing is more glamorous than diamonds. These diamond studs (2) are a great mix of classic and fun. I also love these Jennifer Meyer earrings, but would like to find something similar for less money. For a more trendy look, check out this ear crawler.

When I was younger, I had very long lashes. As I have aged, I have found them to be not a long or full. Lash extensions seem a bit excessive to me so fake lashes are the way to go. These Benefit lashes (3) are just super glam.

I have heard the best things about this Marc Jacobs Glow Stick (4). I am really hoping to get to try it. I’ve also heard good things about this highlighter.

Diamonds might be a girls best friend, but I’ll take a pretty emerald too.  I love the emerald and diamond stones in this beautiful ring (5). I would take this one, this one, or this one too!

I also love white tulips, lace, glitter, and sequins. What makes you feel glamorous?

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