Interior Design, Redefining Your Style Exercise

I know that decorating and interior design can get overwhelming. You only have one kitchen but you have saved 500 pins on Pinterest. Not only do you need to decide how to decorate one room, but it needs to flow well with the rest of your house.  This exercise is designed to show you which decor elements and trends you are drawn to. 

exercise to help redefine your decor style

In order to pick the best style for your house, go through all of your home decor pins on Pinterest, and select some of your favorites. I selected four to five images for each room: living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, and bedroom. After selecting the cream of the crop I went through and identified common themes and elements.


I really love when a bathroom makes the most out of a small space. The decor is beautiful yet simple. The colors are soft and calming.

Living Room:

I love a big and bright living room. I really like all of the white and the touches of green. I like vaulted ceilings with natural beams too.


This bedroom has everything I need. Lots of light, soft relaxing colors, and functional furniture. I really love the desk as the bedside table.


I do a lot of cooking and I dream of having a large functional kitchen. I love the softness of the white mixed with the metal. It is a perfect balance.

Defining Your Interior Design Style

Now that you have identified key elements that you like, you should notice a trend. Do you love colorful spaces or something more neutral? Do you love lots of little details or do you prefer something a bit more minimal?

Let’s look at my example. I love bright spaces and prefer softer colors and neutrals. 

Have you identified some of your favorite decor elements? I’d love to hear about your favorites!


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