How to Reduce Breakouts with ZAPZYT

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I remember with great clarity the first time I had a pimple. I was in Mrs. Fichtl’s sixth-grade class. It was during a break in the girl’s restroom when Rhonda B pointed out the red intruder on my face.  Needless to say, she was ruthless and it was embarrassing.

Unfortunately for me, that pimple wasn’t the last one I would ever get in my life. I remained a pimple face throughout middle school, high school, and part of college. I was so relieved when I was in my mid-twenties and free of those pesky pimple breakouts.

Well fast forward a few years. I have hit my 30s. And they’re back… Those pesky pimples (ugh adult acne) decided to show up again!


Thankfully, I am a bit wiser when it comes to skin care.  As soon as I noticed I was starting to break out on the regular, I made sure I started being diligent with my anti-breakout routine. I’ll admit I had grown a bit lax with taking care of my skin when the breakouts started to appear.

Within a week of getting back into my good habits, I saw a major reduction in my breakouts. So do you want to know what I did? Of course, you do! Here are my three tips for reducing breakouts:

1. I’m sure you have heard this a million times, but good skin starts on the inside! So put down that quad shot caramel macchiato, right now. Drinking plenty of water, reducing my caffeine intake, and reducing the amount of dairy I consume are the first things I do when I start breaking out. I also make sure to say no to french fries and hello to fresh veggies. Of course, you might have different food-related trigger. But if you know chocolate will break you out, then you should skip it. Sorry.

2. The next one is majorly hard for me but you must resist the urge to pick. I am super prone to scarring so every time I pick at my face I get a permanent reminder not to. Instead of picking, leave the pimple alone and use a topical treatment to reduce it. My go-to treatment is the ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel. I just apply a thin layer every day until the blemish goes away. Seriously this stuff is so good that it will reduce the appearance of acne in 5 hours! That is less than a day, people. Because ZAPZYT is water based (it uses benzoyl peroxide) and contains no alcohol, you don’t have to worry about over-drying your skin.


3. Speaking of products, it is important to stick to products you know to play nice with your skin. The last thing you want to do is stress out your skin even more. I just make sure to use the ZAPZYT gel on my blemishes and then continue with the rest of my routine.


ZAPZYT Treatment

Even if you only suffer from the occasional breakout, you should totally head over to Walmart and pick up some ZAPZYT. This stuff really is amazing! PS Leave a comment sharing your favorite tip or trick.


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