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Earlier this year I mentioned a goal of living more intentionally. Part of that includes being more intentional with how I manage money. I want to spend less on the day to day purchases and instead put that money into savings.

Of course, we have made traditional changes like cooking at home more and canceling unnecessary subscription services. I gave up my fancy coffees and my husband said bye to buying more video games.

Cutting back on discretionary spending is a great way to save money, but you can reduce costs on essential expenses too.

How To Save on Prescriptions With Optum Perks

One unexpected way to save money on an essential expense is with an Optum Perks Prescription Coupon.

If a prescription coupon program sounds complicated, don’t fret. It really is a simple process to find savings at any one of 64,000+ pharmacies nationwide. It’s as easy as search, find, and save!

You can save up to 80% on your prescriptions, there is no membership required, and there are no fees.

Optum Perks coupons can be used at Drive-Through pharmacies or on Pick-Up orders and can be used on 3-month-supply prescriptions that need to be refilled.

Anyone can use Optum Perks, insured or non-insured. However, please know that Optum Perks coupons cannot be utilized in conjunction with your insurance, so it doesn’t go towards your deductible.

If you have insurance, Optum Perks is perfect for prescriptions that are not covered by your insurance, or those medications in which using your deductible would be more expensive. 

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Our Experience

Currently, my husband is the only one in the family taking prescription medicine. One of the medications he takes is an acid reflux medicine that a lot of insurances don’t cover.

The retail cost of the medicine is around $68 a month. By pulling up the Optum Perks website and searching for the medication, we found out that the coupon would bring the price down to $17!(Prices are subject to change over time.)

That’s a monthly rx savings of $51 on just one prescription. Imagine what the savings could be if you were paying out of pocket for multiple prescriptions.

For us, we take any money saved and put it toward our emergency fund. Should we have a loss of income or an unplanned expense, we want to be prepared.

Optum Perks
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It’s your turn to search, find, and save!

If you are paying out of pocket for prescriptions, you could be saving tons of money by using an Optum Perks Prescription Coupon. Even if you think you are already getting the lowest price, you may be surprised.

Go ahead and search the website. It takes no time at all and there is no risk. After you check the site, leave a comment telling me what you plan to do with your savings!


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