How To Cure A Case Of The Mondays

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This morning I woke up to the relentless beeping of my iPhone alarm clock. Actually, I hit snooze three times so I got almost a week’s worth of beeping in one day. Running twenty minutes later than I would like, I miraculously managed to pull myself together and get to work. For many, this is the image of a typical Monday. Having made a vow to be a better morning person, I have gotten better at avoiding cases of the Mondays.  If you are like me and want to get the start of your week back, then read my tips for how to cure a case of the Mondays.

1. Plan Ahead

I know that no one wants to be told this because it is super obvious, but trust me it makes a big difference. We all know Monday is coming, we can’t claim it is a surprise when it shows up at our door. On Sundays I like to do the following:

  • Make sure my laundry is finished so I know I have something to wear.
  • Think of a couple of outfit options for Monday ( I can’t pick something out because it has to feel right for the day)
  • Have cash for lunch or parking if needed
  • Go to bed early. You can’t party on Sunday and expect to be bright-eyed Monday morning.

2.  Stay Hydrated

If you’re sluggish on Mondays, being dehydrated will only make you look and feel worse. Water or coconut water are my go-to drinks for the morning. I actually try to avoid coffee in the morning but sometimes I need the jolt of caffeine to get me moving in the morning. If I need a morning pick me up, I reach for Coco Cafe. It is made from coconut water, a shot of espresso, and a touch of milk.

3. Eat Breakfast

Even though I was running late this morning, I made sure I ate breakfast. While you may be tempted to eat carb-laden cereal breakfast, please don’t. Lots of carbohydrates for breakfast typically cause a mid-morning crash. Try eating protein for breakfast to give you plenty of energy for the day.

4. Think Positive

Yes, it is the beginning of the work week and maybe you really can’t wait for your weekend plans. But try to think positive. Monday is just a day like any other and it probably won’t be all that bad.

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