What’s Your Happiness Level?

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Welcome back, dear friends! Today we are going to figure out how happy you are right now by determining your happiness level. After all you can’t measure progress without knowing where you began. Oh and we are going to set some happiness goals too!

happiness level

Assess Your Happiness Level

First, we are going to assess our overall level of happiness and put it on a scale from 1 to 10. 

Okay so I know this can be a bit tricky to make a scale, but we aren’t doing this rocket science style.  For your scale,1 means being absolutely miserable to 10 being your life is amazing.

Try not to get stuck in how you are feeling today. If you are feeling particularly down, it can be hard to really assess your happiness. Go back and look through your journal, text messages with a friend, and social media posts to remind yourself how you were really feeling.

Set A Happiness Goal

Now that we have placed ourselves on a general happiness scale we are going to pick some goals for ourselves. 

I would recommend a goal of 1 or 2 point higher for your short-term goal (3-6 months). Why only a small jump? Because improving your emotional state requires change. Some people handle change well but for others, it can be stressful. And you can’t be happier if you are over stressed.

*Interesting Fact* It is easier to notice the change in your level of happiness when you start lower on the scale. Meaning, if you are a three, you will notice the change in your happiness more than someone who is a seven.

For tonight: Make sure that you take a little bit of time to think about your current happiness level. But don’t let that take too much time. You’ll need to spend more time thinking about your goal. While you may think you want to jump 4 or 5 points, that might not be realistic. Only you will know what is a reasonable goal for your life.


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