At Home Spa Retreat

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Who doesn’t love a nice spa day? You get the white fluffy robe, the chilled cucumber water, and a nice facial. It doesn’t get any better than that. But what if you don’t have the time or the money to book a day at a fancy spa?  That is where an at-home spa retreat comes in.

At Home Spa Retreat Essentials

Personally, I find having to make my own spa treatments too much of a pain. I am willing to pay for ready to go products so I can jump right into my spa day. If you want to make your own, you can totally go that route. There are tons of great ideas on Pinterest.

If you decide to go the premade route, finding ready-made products near you is easier than you might think. Anthropologie, Lush, and Target are my favorite places to score some really good finds. While the selection is hit or miss, TJ Maxx can be a great place to score face masks and bath salts.

My favorite place to stock up is Anthropologie. A few of my favorites are from Kokostar. They work great and are super affordable, especially for something sold at Anthropologie.  I love the Kokostar Foot Therapy, Dry Hands Therapy, and Split End Therapy.

Lush is another place to purchase great products for an at-home spa day. If you don’t have a Lush at your local mall, you can order online too. The bath bombs here are a bit expensive but they are totally worth it. They smell great and they will leave your skin so soft.

If you are are on a budget Target is the best place to find stuff for a home spa day.  You can find bath bombs, bath salts, and hair masks.

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Spa Night Routines

Spa Routine Option 1

Pick out a bath bomb, bath salt, or bubble bath.

Grab a face mask for spot treatment.

Pick out an eye mask, under-eye or whole eye treatment.

Fill up the bathtub with hot water, while you apply your face mask. Once in tub apply eye mask. Relax but try not to fall asleep.

Spa Routine Option 2

Grab a foot bath, towel, foot file/pumice stone, foot treatment, hand treatment, and under-eye mask and head to your sofa or recliner.

Soak feet in a foot bath for 15 minutes then use a foot file to remove dead skin.

Apply moisturizing foot treatment.

Apply under-eye mask.

Apply hand treatment.

Watch your favorite show or listen to music while you relax.

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