Gwynnie Bee Review Update

I don’t talk much about my size because that isn’t the purpose of my blog. I’m not a plus size fashion blogger. I’m a blogger that just happens to currently be plus-sized. After putting on 20 pounds of baby weight, I needed bigger clothes to fit my postpartum body. Gwynnie Bee caters to plus-sized figures and they carry items in sizes 10-32 so I knew they would have something that would fit.

For those of you that don’t know how Gwynnie Bee works, it is often called the Netflix of clothes. Stylists from Gwynnie Bee acquire different clothes that are then lent out to different members. Each member goes through the different selections and puts items in their closet. Gwynnie Bee then sends you items. You can keep the item as long as you want. You send it back and then they send you another item from your closet. If you love the item, you can even buy it. You don’t get to pick what you get next, that depends on what is available to be sent out.


Gwynnie Bee gets new items sporadically. While I have 47 cute things in my online closet, I haven’t found too many new things to add. A lot of the clothes are patterned, or bright, or not seasonally appropriate. I do wonder who is picking the clothes out because I find a lot of the new stuff pretty unappealing. However, those that are more fashion forward than I am might really like the selections.

I’ll do an update to this post in a few weeks to let you know if my thoughts on the service have changed.

Update: I have CANCELLED my subscription to this service. I had a promotion for two months at half price. I was paying about $40 a month but after the promotion, I would have to pay $80 to get three items at a time. 

Of all the items that I received, I ended up only wearing two of them. All the other items either didn’t fit right or were not very attractive in person. If I received more items that I actually liked and could wear, the price might be worth it. However, with the current selection of clothes, the slow turn around time, and the sizing issues I couldn’t justify $80 a month. I’d rather buy something I know I like and that fits. 

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