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If you are a blogger or if you are thinking about starting a blog, you have to use Pinterest. While followers don’t matter as much as they used to, you still want to make sure people are seeing your pins and re-pinning your content. Starting out or even establishing a following can take forever, but if you have the right tools you can grow your Pinterest following fast.

This post contains affiliate links. Should you make a purchase, I will make a small commission (at not added cost to you).

I started using Pinterest when it was invite only. Like most people, I was just using it to save recipes and cute clothes that I liked. When I started a blog, I found out I needed to use Pinterest a bit more strategically.

I was able to grow a pretty good following through a trial and error process. I saw a huge amount of growth when I was taking time to pin every day. Not only was I pinning my content, but I was also re-pinning quality content from other bloggers, and I was pinning original content from around the Interwebs. I loved watching my following and my monthly views grow. What I didn’t love was seeing those numbers go down if I was too busy to pin. That means CONSISTENCY is vital to growing your Pinterest following.

As an active member of the blogging community, I had heard a lot about Tailwind. Since so many people had success with it, I decided to give it a try. After just a month my monthly views more than doubled. After seeing such quick results, I wished I had started using Tailwind earlier. I’m pretty frugal with my blog spending, so it’s a pretty big deal for me to say I wished I would have invested in Tailwind earlier.

What is Tailwind?

If you are a blogger, I am sure you have heard of Tailwind. You probably know that it is a pin scheduler. However, Tailwind does so much more. It gives you analytics that you just can’t get anywhere, not even through Pinterest itself. The analytics are so in-depth that you can see everything from how many repins you received to which of your boards has the highest engagement.

Tailwind Dashboard

I love Tailwind because you can schedule your pins once a week and they will be dripped out for the entire week. This means you’ll have way more time to spend working on other things, like creating content or you know sleeping.

How exactly does it work?

The process is actually pretty simple. You sign up by authorizing Tailwind to link to your Pinterest account. Tailwind then analyzes your Pinterest profile and creates a custom schedule to optimize your Pinterest views.

I use the Tailwind browser extension to add pins to my Pinterest schedule when I am out and about looking at my favorite websites and blogs.

When I created my Tailwind account, I was a bit overwhelmed when I used it for the first time. You will likely feel the same way, which is totally normal. I promise you will get the hang of it in no time. If you don’t get a feel for it after a bit of tinkering around, there are tons of helpful videos in the Tailwind help section.

Tailwind Schedule

What if I am hesitant to invest in Tailwind?

Hey, I totally get being a bit scared to make an investment in a blog. I am all about making sound business decisions. Right now you can get a free trial, or you can get a Plus membership for $15 per month when billed monthly. You can save a bit by purchasing an entire year at once for $9.99 per month. Before signing up for the Plus membership, I signed up for the free trial. Like I said before, I started seeing results right away. Unlike other trial programs, this one doesn’t require any type of payment info meaning you don’t have to remember to cancel after the trial ends.

A recap of things to help you grow your Pinterest following….

Of course, Tailwind can only help so much. There are three things you will need to do to get the most out of Pinterest regardless of whether you use Tailwind or not. First, you are going to want to set up rich pins. This adds so much more searchable info to your Pinterest pins. Second, you need to optimize your images for Pinterest.  Make sure to use a readable heading on your image (unless you are doing OOTD shots or other pins where the image is the primary selling point). Third, is making sure to pin content daily. I can’t stress this enough. Also, you can’t just pin your own content and you need to make sure you are pinning good quality pins as well.

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