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I’ll be sneaking in Day 12 of the 31 Days To A Happier You just before midnight. Yesterday, I shared 7 small ways to add a bit more happiness to your day. Most of them are pretty run of the mill for me, but maybe there were a couple on the list that you haven’t tried. Speaking of trying things, today’s post is all about trying something new.

try something new

For those of you that are a bit risk averse, you might be asking how trying new things would make you happier. Well I can tell you from personal experience it does!

Last year, I made a resolution to try something new each month. I won’t lie, it was difficult at first. But a few months in, I felt awesome. After breaking out of my comfort zone, I started to gain a lot of self-confidence. Plus I tried a ton of new fun things like flower arranging, bath bomb making, and bullet journalling to name a few.

If you didn’t know, I am doing all of these tasks for the challenge too. I am particularly excited to start doing new things again.

So the whole point of this is to say, that you never know how much happiness you might find. And worst case, you try something new and you don’t have to do it again.

So your task is to come up with a plan to try something new. It doesn’t have to be something huge but it does need to be something new. Something that makes you just a tiny bit uncomfortable.

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  1. 10.14.18
    Toni-Ann said:

    You know, I remember hearing someone talk about trying new things helps you find more things you enjoy. I love that you try something new each month. I am going to start doing that.

  2. 10.15.18
    Toni said:

    I want to try yoga classes. I’m not someone who slows down and meditates very well, so I think it’ll be a big change for me!

    • 10.15.18
      hcuperus said:

      There are so many different types of yoga. I bet you can find a class that you like.