Ranking Every Glossier Product From Worst To Best

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If there’s one beauty brand that everyone has heard of, it’s Glossier. Founded in 2014 by Emily Weiss, the brand made no-makeup makeup a mainstream trend.

If I am being completely honest, I was a bit apprehensive about trying Glossier. Can a brand that everyone raves about really be that good?

Six years later, I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. I got out the credit card, went to Glossier.com, and ordered anything that caught my eye.

Of all the things I ordered, I was pretty impressed. But just like with any beauty brand, some of Glossier’s buys are better than others.

Here I am ranking every Glossier product I have tried from worst to best. Don’t worry. It won’t be an arbitrary list. I will be explaining why I ranked each product the way I did.


Glossier Skincare Products Ranked

8 | Milky Oil

Compared to the Milky Jelly, Milky Oil is a more effective makeup remover. However, I just can’t justify buying this for two reasons. First, with a minimal makeup look, there is no need for a heavy-duty makeup remover. Second, it’s rather expensive for how fast you go through it.

➡ Shop Milky Oil

7 | Cleanser Concentrate

Since I had such a great experience with the Milky Jelly Cleanser, I thought I would love this cleanser. However, this one is just very blah. I love the pretty packaging and the high-quality bottle. I like how easy it is to dispense. But the actual face wash isn’t anything special.

➡ Cleanser Concentrate

6 | Priming Moisturizer Rich

As soon as I saw the consistency of this moisturizer, I knew it would be better suited for someone with a drier skin type. Even in the winter, when my skin is at its driest, this moisturizer was too rich for combination and oily skin types.

➡ Shop Priming Moisturizer Rich

5 |Solution

While the Solution wasn’t one of my favorite products, I didn’t hate it. This product has some serious chemical exfoliants in it, making it a great pick for anyone looking to smooth skin texture, fade acne scars, and get rid of flaky skin. Again this is pretty potent stuff. I suggest using this 2-3 times a week until your skin can handle using it more often.

➡ Shop Solution

4 |Bubblewrap Eye + Lip Plumping Cream

In the past, I have steered away from products that claim to be multi-purpose products. More often than not, I find them to be lacking. In the case of Bubblewrap, I love it as a daytime eye cream. I like to use it on days I need to fake a full night of sleep (so not every day). I tried putting it on the lips for a couple of days but it just doesn’t feel like the best way to use the product.

➡ Shop Bubblewrap

3 |Super Bounce

When I ordered the Super Bounce serum, I thought I would be trying another run-of-the-mill hyaluronic acid serum. However, I was pretty impressed with this serum. With both hyaluronic acid and panthenol, this serum draws moisture to the skin and locks it there. All without leaving the skin feeling heavy or sticky.

➡ Shop Super Bounce

2 |Milky Jelly Cleanser

Of all the skincare products from the brand, this is the one you’ve probably heard the most about. Everyone I know has raved about this cleanser so I went in with pretty high expectations. Glossier knocked it out of the park with this cleanser. I love that it removes our light makeup, it smells nice, the texture is perfect, and it washes away clean.

➡ Shop Milky Jelly

1 |Futuredew

I love to look like a glowing goddess. So it is no surprise, that I love love love Futuredew. You can apply it to the face and then follow up with your foundation or you can mix a little bit in with your foundation. If you like a matte look to your skin, skip it. But everyone else needs to add a bottle of Futuredew to their cart, right now. Seriously. Do it.

➡ Shop Futuredew

Glossier Bal Dotcom

Glossier Makeup Products Ranked

12 |Haloscope

Lots of Glossier enthusiasts love Haloscope. But honestly, this product was one that I just didn’t like. I really couldn’t get past how incredibly sticky this product feels on the skin. If you don’t mind a sticky, glossy feeling highlighter, you might like Haloscope. I just prefer a more standard cream formula.

➡ Shop Haloscope

11 |Generation G

Glossier is all about having a minimalist makeup collection. They offer a small number of products and a small number of shades. That being said, I really didn’t love the shade options. Generation G is also advertised as a no-mirror needed lip product, but I have to disagree. When I tried to apply without a mirror, I always ended up with some product outside the lip line.

➡ Shop Generation G

10 |Solar Paint

Glossier fans have been asking for a bronzer for years. For some reason, Glossier decided to wait until 2021. With so many great cream bronzers available now, Solar Paint has a lot competition.The cream bronzer has a doe-foot applicator, which allows for precise application. However once blended out, the product is rather sheer. If you like a sheer bronzer with a radiant glow, then you will like this bronzer.

➡ Shop Solar Paint

9 |Perfecting Skin Tint

When trying to describe the perfecting skin tint, the only word that comes to mind is sheer. But even sheer doesn’t adequately describe it. I won’t go so far as to say this product doesn’t do anything. This skin tint won’t cover up acne scars or hide redness, but it will even out your skin tone a bit while giving you a subtle glow. I ranked it low on this list because I just need a bit more coverage.

➡ Shop Perfecting Skin Tint

8 |Lash Slick

When it comes to Lash Slick I like it, but it isn’t one of those must-have products from the brand. It does give a very natural, everyday look to the lashes. When applied, the mascara lifted and lengthened the lashes without clumping. If you want to try Lash Slick, I recommend picking it up as part of a set so you can get it for a slightly discounted price.

➡ Shop Lash Slick

7 |Lidstar

Lidstar almost didn’t make it into my cart. I’ve tried so many glittery eyeshadows, I didn’t think I needed to try another. But for the sake of this review, I picked up the shade Fawn. Overall, Lidstar performed as I expected. It goes on easily and will give your eye look a bit of sparkle. I even like the color options. However, I don’t have a big need for these in my makeup collection.

➡ Shop Lidstar

6 |Balm Dotcom

Another classic Glossier product is the Balm Dotcom. It’s technically a skin salve and you will find it in the skincare section on their website. However, most of them have a tint so you wouldn’t want to put them anywhere but your lips. I actually like this product, quite a bit. The only thing we don’t love is that the application is a bit messy. Glossier should just make this into a squeeze tube lip gloss.

➡ Shop Balm Dotcom

5 |Skywash

This product truly surprised me. A sheer cream matte eyeshadow just didn’t seem like it would work. But Skywash delivered on its promises. Application is easy. Just a small dot blended out will give you a simple eye look. Want to jazz it up a bit? Top it with a bit of the Lidstar. My only complaint is the shade selection. I’d love to see more wearable shades and more cool tones.

➡ Shop Skywash

4 |Lip Gloss

It’s a bit funny that one of our favorite products from Glossier is an expensive lip gloss. If you aren’t sure which shade to get, pick up the red. It is a sheer red that will look great on your lips. It applies easily and feels great on the lips. The one downside is that it doesn’t have a lot of staying power.

➡ Shop Lip Gloss

3 |Ultralip

This sheer lip balm/lint tint/lip gloss hybrid is everything I have ever wanted in a lip product. The color is sheer but not too sheer. You get the perfect amount of color without having to blot. The only thing they could improve is offering more colors.

➡ Shop Ultralip

2 |Stretch Concealer

After trying the skin tint, we were nervous about the stretch concealer. Would it provide any coverage? But our worries were unfounded. We really enjoy this concealer. For a very minimal look, we paired it with the skin tint. But we love it more when we either pair it with a different foundation or use it as a foundation itself.

➡ Shop Stretch Concealer

1 |Cloud Paint

To be completely honest, I am not really into blush. I am more into highlighter. But after using Cloud Paint, I might become a blush lover. I really love that Cloud Paint is a truly customizable blush. You can mix shades to get your perfect blush color. You can use a little for just a touch of color or you can build it up.

➡ Shop Cloud Paint

Glossier Cloud Paint

What I Will Repurchase

Since I test beauty products for a living, I don’t repurchase products often. Anything I would purchase more than once is a real winner in my eyes. Here are things I will be buying again:

Cloud Paint | I need to add a few more shades to my collection. I have Beam but want to pick up Storm and Puff.

Stretch Concealer | I won’t run out of this anytime soon, but I want to have a darker shade on hand for summer.

Lip Gloss | I will be buying this lip gloss in red anytime I put a Glossier order in.

Futuredew | I don’t usually do backups, but I already have a backup bottle of Futuredew.

Ultralip | I hope they put out more colors so I can buy them all.

Who Would Love Glossier

Overall, I enjoyed trying all of the Glossier products. But I think it is important to point out that not everyone is going to love Glossier’s approach to beauty.

If you like full coverage makeup, lots of color, or a matte finish, Glossier is probably not the brand for you.

If you like the no-makeup makeup look, glowing skin, and sheer color, you will really enjoy Glossier.

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