The Best Gifts Under $50 That Your Friends Will Actually Want

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Each holiday season gives us an opportunity to give our friends and family gifts. Even though picking out presents is fun, giving meaningful and useful gifts to those you care about can get very expensive. To help you stay under your budget this year, I have rounded up the best gifts under $50.

gifts under 50

Gifts Under $50

Milk Bar Cookie Gifts Under $50

What a sweet gift! Buy your friend a tasty treat if they have a bit of a sweet tooth. Get six cookies in a reusable tin or splurge on a dozen.

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The Apple Air Tag is the perfect gift for your friend that is always losing their keys. Make sure to grab a Belkin key ring so they can put the air tag to use right away.

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With the end of the year approaching, a pretty wall calendar is a great gift. One of the stunning calendars by Rifle Paper Co would liven up a boring cubicle.

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Cold Brew Coffee Maker Affordable Gift Under $50

Coffee lovers can get their fix at home with their very own cold-brew coffee maker. Feeling extra generous? Throw in a bag of beans too.

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This travel cup has been all the rage on Instagram and TikTok. Grab one for your friend that loves being on trend.

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Puzzles don’t have to be lame. Piecework makes beautiful puzzles that are more art than puzzle.

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The Sill Small Plant

It has been decided that you can’t have too many plants. Grab a plant like this one that is easy to grow. Your green thumb friend will love it. Plus, your plant-killer friend might actually be able to keep this low-maintenance plant alive.

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Phillips Alarm Clock

I haven’t had to rise before the sun in years, but maybe you have early birds on your holiday list. This clock helps them to gradually wake by mimicking the sun so they wake up on the right side of the bed.

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Revlon Styler

Everyone and their mother has been talking about this hair styler for a reason. It’s perfect for anyone with chin-length hair or longer.

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The North Face Gloves

Do you have a matching set of gloves? We don’t mean that cheap $3 pair from the box store. I’m guessing someone on your list could also use a pair of nice gloves.

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