Great Gifts For The Guy In Your Life

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We all love the guys in our lives but sometimes shopping for them isn’t so easy. This gift guide is contains affiliate links if you decide to purchase something from the list. If not that’s okay too. I hope this roundup of gifts for the guys at least gives you ideas for the perfect gift for the guy on your holiday list.

For your convenience, I arranged this guide by interest. You will find things for the fashionable guy, the outdoorsman, the tech obsessed, and more.

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The Stylish Man

1. This JORD watch is a winner for every guy on the list. I promise I’m not just saying that either. My husband, who has never worn a watch before, was so excited to get this watch. He couldn’t wait for me to finish styling it for pictures so he could wear it.

2. Growing up my my mom and I would buy my dad something practical like a wallet in addition to something fun. My husband has this wallet in black so I know that this wallet is a pleaser. You may want to know if they prefer bifold or trifold wallets before you make your purchase. My husband won’t budge on his preference.

3. A comfy and cozy sweater that most guys wouldn’t splurge on for themselves can be a great gift. This sweater is a great mix of comfy but stylish.

4. Even if the guy on your list isn’t much for dressing up, he still needs a nice pair of shoes. While he might not know it, he will probably have an occasion that call for more than just sneakers.

5. During the colder months, your guy will be glad to have a nice warm scarf. My husband’s only request is that it doesn’t have fringe.

The Homebody

6. This gift is straight off of my husband’s list. He tends to be very warm as in he sweats if he thinks to hard. While I hope none of you have a guy with head sweats like my husband, a cooling pillow could help your guy sleep better.

7. This is another item my husband actually requests. I’m not a slipper person but my husband loves them. They can be particularly great if you have hard floors in your house.

8. If the guy on your list is one you kiss, you want them to have nice fresh breath. Make keeping his teeth healthy easy by getting him a toothbrush that does most of the work.

9. I read an article  on the Huffington Post that said you sleep better when you take time to dress for bed. You can help him feel more rested with a pajama set.

10. Having a bed time routine is another great way to sleep better. Keep all of his stuff in a bag in the bathroom. This is also a great gift for guys that travel.

11. Nothing says lazy day like a robe. This one looks good enough to fall asleep in.

The Outdoorsman

12. If your guy likes to get outside for a nice hike, he is going to need some gear.  This bag will allow him to stash just the right amount of stuff.

13. With spending time outside comes the need for another pair of shoes.

14.  If you want to keep hot things hot or cold things cold, this is the bottle for you. This is on my guys list, even though he isn’t known to see anything but pavement under his feet.

The Tech Obsessed

15. If your guy loves tech and has dreamed of having his own little robot, then this he will love this little guy.

16. The ROLI Lightpad Block is really unique. I saw it the Apple store and knew right away that a techie music lover would want this gift. It is a pad that lets you compose music with the tap of the finger.

17. Apple has done away with the headphone jack on the new phone. Get these wireless headphones so he can listen to music after the upgrade.


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