5 Trends You’ll Be Excited For This Fall [2022]

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After wearing loungewear for what feels like forever, it is time to start wearing real clothes. Yes, that includes all of you still working from home. Toss aside the tie-dye t-shirt and the Lululemon Align dupes. Now that you need to update your wardrobe, you may be wondering what to buy. To help you out, I picked out 5 fall trends to try.

Fall Trends To Try

For each trend, I’ll even share the pieces that you should buy. I’ll do my best to include size-inclusive pieces as well as options at multiple price points.

Wide Leg Pants

Fall Trends To Try Wide Leg Pants
Image from Aritzia

A nice wide-leg trouser has been a staple suit piece for years. This year, wide-leg pants are a little less business and a lot more fun. You can certainly dress them up for work, but I suggest going for a cool girl casual look instead.

PS. This is another trend that is easy to thrift. Take them to get tailored or learn to hem them yourself.

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Cargo Pants

Fall Trends Cargo Pants
Image from Aritzia

If you are a millennial, you probably haven’t worn cargo pants since middle school. While it might be hard to believe, Gen Z fashion girlies have made cargo pants a must-have item for the season. Pair your cargo pants with a cute fitted top or crop top and throw on some sneakers. You’ll be good to go.

This is another trend that is easy to thrift. Don’t fear the men’s section either.

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Lots of Leather

Fall Trends To Try Leather
Image from Aritzia

Leather and its faux counterparts have always been in style, but this year we are taking it up a notch. If you really want to embrace this trend, purchase a leather shirt or skirt. Just make sure the quality and fit are on point. You aren’t trying to look like a member of Coyote Ugly. For those of you just wanting to dabble, look to leather accessories like bags and belts.

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Western Boots

Fall Trends Western Boots
Image from Harper’s Bazaar

Boots are always a staple for this time of year. But instead of sticking to your tried and true Chelsea boots, grab a pair of western/cowboy boots. You will find everything from simple styles to extravagantly embellished options.

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Image from Reformation

You won’t find corduroy on other trend lists, but I think they are overlooking it. Corduroy is popping up at every retailer in a variety of different styles. But don’t even think about putting on those 10-year-old corduroy pants that you have stashed away. Instead, opt for new shapes and fun colors.

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