Your Relaxed Fall Bucket List Is Here

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It is finally FALL! I don’t know about you, but we are so ready for the cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and fun fall activities. This year’s fall bucket list is going to look a bit different, but we promise you can still do a lot of fall activities while social distancing.

Fall Bucket List Ideas

Fall Bucket List Buy Seasonal Produce

Buy seasonal produce

Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, acorn squash, grapes, figs, apples, and pears are just a few things that grow during the fall.

Support your local farms and buy seasonal produce at farms stands and at your local Farmer’s Market.

In the Portland area? The Portland State Farmer’s Market is open year-round!

Check out farmer’s markets in: NYC, Chicago, and Charlotte

Unpack your cozy clothes

Every fall we look forward to taking our cozy clothes out of storage. Take out your chunky sweaters, flannels, warm scarves, and boots. Pack up your sundresses, shorts, and sandals.

This is the perfect time to audit your wardrobe. Fix anything that can be mended, donate items you no longer need, and, finally, make a list of things you need to purchase.

Paint your nails a seasonal shade

Paint your nails a seasonal shade

This season paint your nails a trendy fall color like gray, green, or brown. We love a classic burgundy or an edgy black polish.

Decorate your space

Bring the feel of fall to your home, by decorating your space. Make your space cozy by adding throw blankets. Get the scent of the season by lighting a candle. Decorate your porch with a doormat, pumpkins, and a wreath for an extra dose of fall flair.

Fall Bucket List Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Visit a pumpkin patch

Don’t write off a visit to the pumpkin patch just yet. Many pumpkin patches are making updates to comply with social distancing. Timed entry tickets, pre-picked pumpkins, and mask mandates are just a few of those changes.

Try a new seasonal recipe

Now that you have all of that seasonal produce, it is time to use it. Pumpkin bread, chili, and soup are all great fall options. If you need some help finding a recipe, check out our favorite cookbooks.

Take A Scenic Drive During Fall

Take a scenic drive

Enjoy all of the beauty of fall by taking a scenic drive. Pack a lunch, pick up a drink from Starbucks and enjoy the view.

Portland friends should take a drive to Hood River. Even on a rainy day, the view is breathtaking.

Update your skincare routine

You know you need to wear different clothes in the fall, but did you know you also need to use different skincare products? The cooler, drier weather means you need more moisture to keep your skin healthy.

Start by swapping your moisturizer for a richer formula. For more tips, check out our fall skincare tips.

Donate to those in need

Between natural disasters and a pandemic, many have been left without jobs or. a place to live. If you the resources, please consider donating to those in need.



This year, election day is November 3. Make sure your voice is heard by voting. First, check to make sure you are registered to vote. If you want to mail in your vote, you will need to follow the procedures as outlined by your state.

Check your voter registration.

Add your own activities to the fall bucket list

We hope that his fall bucket list helps you come up with a few ideas of your own. Maybe you have a family tradition or you want to try something unconventional and new, add it to the list!



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